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Onision Net Worth, Wife and Kids

Onision Net Worth, Wife, Skye Tantaga and Kids

Onision is a well-known celebrity on social media, particularly YouTube. His channel boasts more than 2 million fans. At present, he has three main channels on YouTube. In addition, he is also a website developer. He has created several websites for various companies and individuals.

Learn about Onision more and know his net worth, wife, and children here.

Who Is Onision?

Onision was born Gregory Daniel Johnson on November 11, 1985. Auburn, Washington, is the place of his birth. His parents are separated and his mother raised him alone.

There is no information if he had siblings or was an only child. He started on a different career path. After finishing high school, he enlisted and trained in the Air Force and became an accomplished pilot. After some time, he turned in his resignation from the Air Force to become a peer counselor.

Eventually, he once again quit that career to become a website developer.

Well-known celebrity, Onision

Well-known celebrity Youtuber, Onision

In 2006, he created his first YouTube channel named Onision, and his videos had a considerable following. In 2008, the social media personality made his second YouTube channel called OnisionArchive.

By the creation of his third YouTube channel named OnisionSpeaks in 2009, he was already a famous figure in social media. His first and third channels are the most prominent among his three YouTube channels.

However, his career was not without controversy. In 2012, he was banned from the VisCon stage after using an inappropriate word to describe his partner during a show with a live audience.

Later on, Patreon also banned the youtube after posting another YouTube personality’s phone number.

Net Worth

Onision has made a fortune out of his YouTube channels and now has a net worth of $5 million for 2022. The famous YouTuber earns from the advertisements and the traffic that he gets on his channels.

Wife And Kids

Onision first got married in 2005 to his former wife, Skye Tantaga, but they later divorced in 2011. Shortly after his divorce, he dated Shiloh Hoganson, a Canadian singer. The two parted ways after more than a year of dating.

In 2012, the internet sensation married Kai Avaroe, and they have been together since then. The well-known YouTuber has two kids named Cloey and Troy.

Onision with his current wife, Taylor Anderson

Onision with his current wife, Taylor Anderson

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