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Paul Wall Net Worth, Age. Wife and Kids

Paul Wall Net Worth, Age, Wife and Kids

Paul Wall is a famous rapper who rose to fame after his solo album Chick Magnet in 2004. He is also a member of the renowned rap group Expensive Taste. The rapper has collaborated with many famous names and worked for big labels like Swisha House Records throughout his career.

He won the ‘Ozone Awards,’ and his works have been nominated for many other awards. He is also the former member and founder of the ‘Color Changing’ group. The rapper hails from Texas and is a quite recognizable name in the industry.

This article talks about Paul Wall’s net worth, age, wife, and kids. Let’s dive in.

Paul Wall Net Worth

As of 2022, Paul has a net worth of $5 million. His primary source of earnings is his outstanding rap career. He has multiple top-selling albums to his name and thus earns a heavy amount of royalties through music streaming platforms. In addition, the rapper also makes substantial income through the sales of his albums and tracks.

Paul started rapping ever since he was a kid. He was always a music fan, and hip hop amazed him the most. The rapper even dropped out of school to pursue his career. His debut album is named ‘People’s champ.’ However, he only gained the fame he deserved after releasing his album titled ‘Chick Magnet.’

Famous rapper, Paul Wall and his networth

Paul Wall has a net worth of $5 million.

Following the album’s popularity, Swisha House Records signed the rapper under their label. It was one year after the release of his album Chick Magnet (2004).

Throughout his career, Paul has worked with big names like Travis Barker. He is also a member of ‘Expensive Taste,’ a group of talented rappers. As of 2022, the rapper has 1 million fans on his official Instagram handle. The rapper also likes to describe himself as ‘Hall of fame Hustler.’

How old is Paul Wall?

The popular rapper was born in 1981. He observes his birthday on March 11 every year. Thus, this makes his age 40 years old as of 2022. Furthermore, the artist is from Texas. Popular platforms like Billboard have previously featured the rapper for his amazing works.

Wife and Kids

Paul Wall has a beautiful wife, Crystal Wall. They met before the rapper was famous or showed any signs of success. Paul’s wife was a student in the same college as the rapper, and it was also where the duo first met. According to our reports, both Paul and Crystal were 21 years old when they first met.

Paul Wall looking happy with his wife, Crystal Wall

Paul Wall looking happy with his wife, Crystal Wall

In the initial phase, the duo started out as friends. Paul’s spouse, Crystal Wall, is also passionate about music and has always pushed her husband to pursue what he loves. She is his ardent supporter. The duo dated for about four years before they finally decided to ring the wedding bells.

Paul married his wife in 2005. The duo celebrates their wedding anniversary every year on October 22. Furthermore, one amazing fact about them is that they have never been imbued into any controversy. Both are very loyal to each other and share fantastic chemistry.

It has almost been two decades that the couple has been sharing their journey in life. To add sugar to honey, they even work out together so that they can spend more time with each other.

The couple is blessed with two children, one daughter and one son to date. Their first child was a son who took birth in 2006. His name is William Patrick Slayton, and he is 16 years as of 2022. Their second child was a baby daughter named Noelle Slayton. She was born in 2008 and is 14 years old as of 2022.

Paul Wall with his wife and kids

Paul Wall with his wife, Crystal Wall, and kids

Quick Wiki

Full Name Paul Michael Slayton
Profession Rapper
Age 41 years
DOB 11 March 1981
Net worth $5 million
Instagram followers 1 million
Relationship Married
Spouse name Crystal Wall (m.2005)
Children count Two (William and Noelle)

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