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Home » Phoebe Tonkin Net Worth, Height, Tattoos, Ethnicity, and Age

Phoebe Tonkin Net Worth, Height, Tattoos, Ethnicity, and Age

Phoebe Tonkin Net Worth, Height, Tattoos, Ethnicity, and Age

Whether you know her as a vampire or a mermaid, Phoebe Tonkin made a mark in the entertainment industry. Fans have become interested in learning more about the Vampire Diaries actress Phoebe Tonkin’s net worth, height, age, ethnicity, and tattoo!

Does it pique your interest too? Scroll down to know more about the actress.

Who is Phoebe Tonkin?

Phoebe Tonkin, born Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin, is an Australian actress and model. With her beauty and talent, it is no surprise that she has many fans. Moreover, Tonkin has been working in the film industry since 2006.

Phoebe Tonkin is the eldest daughter of Nicholas and Jennifer Tonkin and an older sister to Abby Tonkin. Furthermore, the actress is currently dating musician Alexander Greenwald.

Phoebe Tonkin with her boyfriend, Alexander Greenwal

Phoebe Tonkin with her boyfriend, Alexander Greenwald

Phoebe Tonkin’s Net Worth

Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin has a net worth of approximately $3 million. Her primary source of income is her show business career, along with the many endorsements and deals she has.

Meanwhile, she earned a lot for starring in hit shows like The Vampire Diaries and H20: Add Water, and more. Phoebe has been in the industry since 2006.

Aside from acting, she also earns from being a model. In addition, her popularity on Instagram made her gain new fans. With a following of at least 5 million, it is no surprise if she earns extra money from it.


Phoebe Tonkin is one of the many beautiful actresses in the industry. Aside from her gorgeous face, she has the height to match it. Phoebe is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her height matches her slim figure. Undoubtedly, this makes her a really attractive person. Furthermore, her charming personality is a bonus!


Tattoos are a form of it, and celebrities don’t shy away from expressing their art through tattoos. Phoebe Tonkin is one of them. The 32-year-old Australian actress has a tattoo on her right foot. Moreover, her tattoo has the word: “Balance” written on it.

It is said that her tattoo depicts how she handles the best of both her worlds.

Phoebe Tonkin Lettering Tattoo on Foot

Phoebe Tonkin lettering tattoos on Foot

Ethnicity and Nationality

The gorgeous actress is Australian by birth. She was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. However, her ethnicity is not known.

Age and DOB

As of 2021, Phoebe Tonkin is 32 years old. The actress of 6 years was born on July 12 in the year 1989.


Phoebe Tonkin is a beautiful and talented person with a heart. Aside from being blessed with beauty, she is also intelligent and kind. Furthermore, she is happily in a relationship. The charming actress is truly living her life to the fullest. Fans and supporters alike are looking forward to what’s in store for Tonkins.

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