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Ricky Schroder Net Worth. Wife Andrea Bernard and Children

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Ricky Schroder Net Worth, Wife Andrea Bernard and Children

Ricky Schroder gained massive fame and recognition through his acting and directing career. However, a large part of his income came from the amazing real estate deals he worked with his former wife, Andrea Bernard. Rick (as he calls himself nowadays for a more mature name) is an actor, scriptwriter, producer, and director.

He is habituated to seeing himself on the big screen from early childhood. Today, he is a global name with fans worldwide. In 2016, Rick divorced his long-time wife, Andrea.

In this piece, we emphasize Ricky Schroder’s net worth, wife, and children. Let’s get started.

Ricky Schroder Net Worth

As of 2022, Ricky has a net worth of more than $50 million. Very few actors reach this sizable wealth in their careers. However, Rick’s trump card is his real estate investment that brought him large profits. The actor started his career as a kid in the title ‘Silver Spoons.’

Since then, he hasn’t left the industry and has contributed as an actor, director, producer, and even scriptwriter.

The actor’s true popularity came when he starred in the show NYPD Blue. It is a crime thriller show. Furthermore, he also starred in other successful shows like ‘Lonesome Dove.’ Ricky was a very famous and in-demand child actor.

In just six years of age, he had starred in 50+ ads. When he made his movie entry as an adult, he bagged the Golden Globe award for his amazing role in the title ‘The Champ.’

A popular actor and director, Ricky Schroder networth

Ricky Schroder Net worth is estimated at more than $50 million

Moreover, after seeing such potential in the movie industry, Ricky’s parents decided to drop him out of formal education. They shifted his focus to his acting career, which was going pretty well. Soon after, he starred in the movie The last flight of Noah’s Ark, which was also a massive success.

The actor’s breakthrough was his child role in the series ‘Silver Spoons.’ Throughout his career, he has starred in multiple award-winning movies. Ricky also completed his education later in life. He has 69.2k followers on his Instagram as of 2022.

Ricky Schroder was married to his wife Andrea Bernard from 1992 to 2016.

The actor shared an amazing marital journey with his wife, Andrea, for two decades plus. However, things went south between the duo due to some uncompromising circumstances. The couple had to separate in 2016 and are still divorced in 2022.

To talk about their story, Ricky met his ex-wife, Andrea Bernard, during a film shoot. The year was 1990; thus, the actor was just in his twenties. The duo met, fell in love, and started seeing each other. Andrea is an interior designer by profession. And thanks to her passion for designing homes, the duo also worked together in the industry.

To date, they have flipped almost 15 homes and made a fortune out of their real estate investments.

After about two years of dating, they decided to ring the wedding bells. They married in 1992. To date, the duo has been graced with four children.

Thanks to Ricky’s amazing career, they never had to worry about the financial situation. However, they did come up with some emotional traumas.

In 2007, their oldest son met with a major accident. Holden Richard was hit by a vehicle, and he lost one side of his hearing permanently. In the same year, they purchased a home in Malibu. The duo lived in that same home until their divorce in 2016.

Furthermore, they eventually sold the home in 2020 for $5 million.

Ricky Schroder and his ex-wife, Andrea Bernard

Ricky Schroder and his wife, Andrea, divorced after 23 years

After two decades, things weren’t the same between Ricky and his former partner, Andrea. Andrea filed for divorced and was notified that the couple had some unsolvable problems. Furthermore, the lady demanded custody of her youngest child and asked for spousal support.

There is information that Ricky turned abusive in the late 2010s, which was the primary reason for the duo’s divorce. From 1992 to 2016, the duo shared twenty-four years in each other’s company before they decided to split up.

Andrea Bernard Net worth, Age

Andrea Bernard was born in 1972. She was born in Canada and observed her birthday every year on January 31. Andrea is primarily famous for being the wife of popular actor Ricky Schroder. However, she also has a decent profession in interior design. The ex-wife of Ricky plays a huge part in the building of his massive fortune as she was his partner in the real estate projects.

As of 2022, Andrea has a net worth of about $2 million. She divorced the movie star in 2016 and has been living as a single mom since then. However, she does get spousal support from her husband.

They have four children Together.

Holden Richard Schroder (First Born)

Holden is the first child of Andrea and Rick. Similar to his father, Holden is also an actor and has featured in some movies. However, his acting career is the sole courtesy of his father. In 2013, he featured in the film Our Wild Hearts alongside his dad.

Holden is deaf in one ear. This is because of the accident he met when he was a teenager. The first-born of Ricky Schroder was born in 1992, the same year that the couple married. Holden was born on Jan 8, and the couple married on September 26, after the birth of their first child.

Ricky Schroder son, Holden Richard Schroder

Ricky Schroder, along with his son, Holden Richard Schroder

Luke William Schroder (Second Child)

Luke is the second son of Andrea and Rick. He was born in 1993 and is a year younger than his older brother. Like his father, he is also an actor who made his film debut in 2011 by starring in the title A Mile in His Shoes.

Luke celebrates his birthday on August 1 and will be 28 years old in 2022. The actor is active on social media and has 3.1k fans on his Instagram as of 2022.

In this post on Luke’s Insta, we see him pose with his girlfriend, Savannah. Savannah is a regular feature on his wall, and the duo seems pretty close.

Ricky Schroder son Luke William Schroder with his girlfriend, Savanna

Cambrie Schroder (Third Child)

Cambrie was born in 1996 and is 25 years old as of 2022. She is the oldest girl of Andrea and Rick. Even though Cambrie has done some feature films with her father and brothers, she has established herself as a popular model and a boxing star. She has a massive 485k fanbase on her Instagram handle.

The model shares cute pictures after a hike with her boyfriend in this post. Her wall is filled with casual posts. Furthermore, she also does sponsor posts and promotes herself on the platform.

Ricky Schroder daughter Cambrie Schroder with her boyfriend

Faith Anne Schroder (Youngest Child)

Faith is the youngest. During the time of Andrea and Ricky’s divorce, Faith was the only child who was unable to live on her own. Thus, Andrea had to take custody of the child while allowing visit permits to Ricky. As of 2022, she has already established herself as a model and entrepreneur. She runs her cosmetics business that goes by the name Lovefaith,

Moreover, Faith is also a social media influencer. She has 287k fans on Instagram as of 2022. Like her other siblings, she too has a partner and does not shy away from sharing his pictures on social media. In fact, she takes it further and makes the pictures somewhat inappropriate for children, as we can see in this post on her wall.

Ricky Schroder daughter Faith Anne Schroder on instagram

Ricky Schroder Quick Wiki

Full Name Ricky Schroder
DOB 13 Apr 1970
Age (As of 2022) 51 years
Parents Richard Schroder & Diane Bartlett
Relationship Divorced
Spouse name Andrea Bernard
Children Four
Net Worth $50 million
Place of Birth Brooklyn
Instagram Followers 69.2k

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