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Rico Nasty Net Worth, Height, Age, Kids, and Baby daddy

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Rico Nasty Net Worth, Height, Age, Kids, and Baby daddy

Maria Kelly, widely known by her stage name Rico Nasty is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Her mixtapes include Summer’s Eve, Sugar Trap, Rico Story, and Nasty. She belongs to an African American family, with her childhood spent listening to rap songs. In 2016, Rico released a solo album named iClarity. It went viral on the Internet and increased her fanbase by a large number.

This article discusses Rico Nasty net worth, height, age, kids, and baby daddy of the popular rapper Rico Nasty.

Who is Rico Nasty?

Rico Nasty was born in Washington D.C. in 1997, and she grew up listening to rap music. She rarely talks about her parents. So, all we know is that her father is of African origins, and her mother is from Puerto Rico. Her family had to move around a lot, searching for opportunities in terms of employment and housing.

The struggles in a new city meant the parents could give less time to Rico. As a result, Rico’s upbringing was not stable. In grade six, she was caught smoking marijuana and was kicked out of Baltimore school. This gave a much-needed break to Rico as she started making her career in singing.

During her school days, Rico was often bullied by other kids. Her mother gave her a Puerto Rico bracelet as a gift, which she wore to school. So, somebody called her Rico Nasty. She liked the name, and it has become her stage name ever since.

Image of an American rapper, songwriter, Rico Nasty

An American rapper, songwriter, Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty Net Worth

Rico Nasty has a verified Instagram page with 2 million followers where she uploads interesting videos. It has got a million followers. She also has a Twitter page with 820k followers and a YouTube channel with 588k subscribers.

Rico Nasty’s net worth is $1 million in 2022. She generates revenue from sales of music albums, live events, and her career as a rapper. Further, she sells her merch through retailers.


Like most influential figures, Rico Nasty sells her own merch. First, she chooses the design and art style for the item. It ranges from a sticker, keychain, sweaters, hat, candle, etc., to original vinyl records.

Various merch stores like Merchbar sell these. Even though her products are listed for a high price, her fans love buying the merch. It generates a sizable income for Rico Nasty.

How Old is Rico Nasty?

Born in 1997 AD, she has reached 24 years of age. Her birthday arrives on 7th May every year.

Height and Measurement

Rico Nasty’s height is slightly on the shorter side, as she stands at 5 feet and 3 inches. This is around 160cm. Currently, she weighs 56 kg.

Rico Nasty Kids

She has only one son so far. His name is Cameron, and Brandon is his father. Sadly, Brandon died of Asthma in 2015, even before Cameron was born. So, Rico Nasty is raising his son with the help of Malix.

On his birthday in 2021, Rico made a cake for her son. She also shared the event through her Instagram post. The homemade cake looks quite fancy with a two-tier design and yellow-blue dressings on the top. Cameron looks very happy about his birthday cake.

Rico Nasty made cake for her son, Cameron

Love Life and Baby daddy

Rico Nasty has been in two relationships so far, and the first one was with Brandon. Rico has known Brandon since her early days. As they entered their youthful time, they started dating, and the romantic relationship continued for a few years. In high times of fun, Rico got pregnant at the young age of 18.

Around the same time, Brandon started facing some health issues. His Asthma attacks were getting random and more life-threatening. During one such moment, Brandon, the Baby daddy of Rico, passed away. Sadly, he could not hear the news of him becoming a father before he died.

By the time Rico heard about her son, the Baby daddy of her life had already passed away. Following Brandon’s death, Rico slowly got to know her current partner, Malix Foxx and started dating immediately. The news of which reached the media only in 2018.

Malix is very supportive of Rico and helps her a lot in parenting. They have not shared any marriage plans yet, but they are looking for a house to settle in. It won’t be far off to speculate that Rico and Malix are trying to settle down and get married thereafter.

Rico Nasty with her boyfriend, Malix Foxx and son, Cameron

Rico Nasty is spending quality time with her boyfriend, Malix Foxx, and son, Cameron

Rico Nasty Wiki

Full Name Maria Cecilia Simone Kelly
Date of Birth May 7, 1997
Profession Rapper
Age (2022) 24 years old
Place of Birth Washington D.C, United States
Ethnicity African-American
Height 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight 56 kg
Relationship Status In a relationship
Spouse name Malix Foxx
Children Cameron
Net Worth $1 Million
Instagram followers 2 million

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