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Robert Ri’Chard Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Robert Ri'Chard Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Emmy Award-winning actor Robert Ri’chard has appeared in various shows and movies. His net worth is high, thanks to his acting.

In addition to this, many are interested if he has a girlfriend and his relationship with actor Neal McDonough. Curious? Read more to find out.

Is Neal McDonough Robert Ri’chard’s Father?

It is known that the two actors look alike. As a result, rumors have spread that Robert Ri’chard is related to the American actor Neal McDonough.

Certainly, Ri’chard resembles the actor in terms of their faces. For this reason, the rumors started. Moreover, the actor is thought to be Robert’s actual father. As it turns out, all these were just that – rumors.

Robert is of Creole descent. On the other hand, McDonough is of Irish descent. Even though they have similarities in looks, it doesn’t make them blood-related in any way. Hence, it’s a simple case of look-alikes.

Neal McDonough and Robert Richard as father and son

Neal McDonough and Robert Richard

Robert Ri’chard Parents

Robert Ri’chard was born Robert Andrew Ri’chard on the 7th of January in 1983. Not only was he born in Los Angeles, California, but he lives there as well. As of early 2022, he is currently 37 years of age.

His parents are Beverly Ann Ri’chard and Andrew Robert “Jack” Ri’chard. Moreover, his mother is a gym instructor, whereas his father was a former basketball player.

Ri’chard rarely talks about his family. In fact, he is quite secretive of them. Even though he doesn’t speak with his father, he considers his father the ideal person he looks up to and the most significant influence on his life.

Who is Robert Ri’chard’s girlfriend?

The actor has been in a few relationships with famous female actresses. The most noteworthy are Kyla Pratt and Vivica Fox.

First, he dated Kyla Pratt around 2003. However, they separated by 2004.

After, he met actress Vivica Fox in 2015 for the film Chocolate City. As a result, they dated. However, they broke up as well by 2018.

Robert is currently dating Meg Ellspermann, who seems to be a complete package. His recent girlfriend, Ellspermann is an intelligent businesswoman running a company that creates oil products to ease the pain.

Robert Ri'chard and his new girlfriend,, Meg Ellspermann

Robert Ri’chard and his new girlfriend, Meg Ellspermann

Net Worth

As of January 2022, Robert Ri’chard’s estimated net worth is $400 thousand. This includes his assets and money. The money earned from his acting is the primary source of his income. However, he continues to live a modest lifestyle even with his fortune.


Robert Ri’chard has been in the entertainment industry for three decades. Even with his long-established career and a stable relationship, Robert prefers to live a serene lifestyle.

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