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Home » Rudy Ruettiger Net Worth. Wife Cheryl Ruettiger, Siblings

Rudy Ruettiger Net Worth. Wife Cheryl Ruettiger, Siblings

Rudy Ruettiger Net Worth, Wife Cheryl Ruettiger, Siblings

Rudy Ruettiger was born Daniel Eugene Ruettiger on August 22, 1948. He is a well-renowned motivational speaker. Rudy first became famous while playing professional football for the University of Notre Dame in college. In addition, he is also an author with several published books under his name.

Today’s we have presented a piece of exclusive information regarding Rudy Ruettiger and his net worth. Also, get to know his wife, Cheryl Ruettiger, and siblings.

Rudy Ruettiger Career

Rudy Ruettiger started his football career in high school under the team of Joliet Catholic High School. He had a hard time coping with his academics because of his dyslexia, but he did excel in his sport.

After high school, he served as a yeoman aboard a communications command ship under the US Navy. After two years, he resigned and worked at a power plant. He decided to enroll in college two years later, but his application to the University of Notre Dame was rejected because of his low high school grades.

Rudy decided to enroll at Holy Cross College. After his fourth application, he was finally accepted at Notre Dame in 1974.

Professional football player, Rudy Ruettiger dancing

Professional football player Rudy Ruettiger

Rudy was undersized, so he had a hard time getting into the football team of Notre Dame. Coach Merv Johnson gave him the chance to play in the scout team.

In 1975, Rudy led his team to a win against Georgia Tech. His college football career inspired the movie entitled Rudy, shown in 1993. After college, Rudy opened a maintenance business. He was also a real estate agent.

Years later, the former football star became a motivational speaker. He gave inspirational talks to school kids, college students, and athletes. Rudy also created the Rudy Foundation that aimed to provide better lives for the children.

Net Worth

Rudy Ruettiger has a net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. An in-demand motivational speaker earns a huge salary for each speaking engagement. This is where Rudy gets a huge part of his earnings. He is a very in-demand speaker at schools and universities across the country.

Rudy has also been invited to give motivational speeches at international venues. In addition, he also earns from the sales of his books.

In 1993, his life story was made into a movie entitled Rudy. It has also added to his net worth. He also earns a substantial income whenever he is invited to speak on television or on the radio.

Rudy Ruettiger has been Married to his wife, Cheryl Ruettiger, Since 1996

Rudy has been married to Cheryl Ruettiger since 1996. He first met his wife, Cheryl, in 1985 when he was just a newbie motivational speaker. They met in Connecticut.

The motivational speaker’s spouse, Cheryl, helped him create his own company. She is the co-founder of Rudy Foundation, where they dole out scholarships for youth interested in sports, performing arts, and theater.

Rudy is interested in sports, while his wife Cheryl is interested in theater and the performing arts, which explains the main thrust of their foundation. Their daughter Jessica loves the performing arts, which explains Cheryl’s interest. At present, Rudy and Cheryl are based in Nevada.

Rudy Ruettiger wife, Cheryl Ruettiger

Rudy Ruettiger’s wife, Cheryl Ruettiger

Two Children: Jessica Noel Ruettiger and Son Daniel Joseph Ruettiger

Jessica Noel Ruettiger is 23 years old and is a graduating student at Boston Conservatory in Berklee with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater majoring in Dance.

At the age of two, she discovered that she loved to be on stage. Singing and dancing lessons were a major part of her childhood. The young Jessica spent a lot of her childhood attending rehearsals. Rudy’s daughter’s schedule got so hectic that her parents decided to homeschool her in high school.

At the same time, she also joined the competitive dance team of the Fern Adair Conservatory. Jessica spent five hours rehearsing at the studio every day.

In addition, she joined the performances of the Las Vegas Young Entertainers during weekends. They even got to perform at the White House. She joins her parents in their charity works when she is not performing or rehearsing.

As for her hobbies, Jessica loves doing anything that involves the outdoors.

Rudy Ruettiger with his daughter, Jessica Noel Ruettiger

Rudy Ruettiger with his daughter, Jessica Noel Ruettiger, on her graduation day

The youngest son of Rudy and Cheryl is Daniel Joseph Ruettiger. He was born on August 27, 2002, and he is now 21 years old. He is now in college and loves sports, just like his father. Daniel is part of his college’s hockey team.

The son of the famous football player first held a hockey stick when he was a toddler and had not let go of it since. Daniel is also an entrepreneur as well as a college student and athlete. He owns his own small business.

Rudy Ruettiger with his son, Danny Ruettiger

Rudy Ruettiger with his son, Danny Ruettiger


Rudy was the third child among fourteen siblings. He was the first male among the siblings. He had two older sisters named Mary and Jean born before him. The youngest of the Ruettiger siblings is Mark. Their father worked at a mine, and he loved football.

The entire Ruettiger family would sit around the television whenever the game of the Notre Dame team was on. Watching the games was an important event for them. Rudy dreamed of joining the team even as a little boy.

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