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Ryan Garcia Net Worth, Height. Wife/Girlfriend, Kids, Tattoos

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Ryan Garcia Net Worth, Height. Wife Girlfriend, Kids, Tattoos

Rising Boxing Star Ryan Garcia has a great career going on for him. Not only are people interested in his wealth but his wife or dating life with possible girlfriend, and kids too! Read this article to find out about Ryan Garcia Net Worth income sources. From his height to his tattoos, we got it!

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Here’s quick background information on Ryan Garcia. He was born on August 8, 1998, in Victorville, California. Furthermore, Ryan is a professional boxer.

He has competed in both lightweight and featherweight boxing. Garcia debuted in boxing in June 2016 and won a few more super featherweight titles and lightweight titles in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Ryan Garcia currently has a record of 21 wins, 0 losses, and 0 draws. Therefore, he has never lost a match. Moreover, the match record makes him one of the best boxers out there!

Most of his income comes from boxing. As a result of his boxing skills, he gained a net worth of around $10 million. This amount is for Ryan Garcia and doesn’t include his family and partner’s net worth. This amount also excludes his brother and fellow boxer Sean Garcia’s net worth.

Aside from this, he was offered a $700 million deal for boxing. Oscar De La Hoya, his promoter, helped him seal this contract. According to De La Hoya, Ryan is the next biggest boxing star. However, at this time, the deal still isn’t formalized.

Image of a a professional boxer, Ryan Garcia

How tall is Ryan Garcia?

As one of the most famous boxers, not to mention the best, Ryan Garcia’s height interests many fans. In most of his boxing matches, you see his height as 5 feet and 10 inches. Moreover, in the past, Ryan claims to be 5’11”. However, this is not true at all.

Ryan Garcia isn’t close to his assumed height. That is unless he was wearing high-heeled shoes. Ryan measures around 5’8.5″ or even 5.9″ in height. Most definitely an inch less than his acclaimed size.

We can assume that his height is near the 5’9″ mark. That is after comparing him to fellow boxers, like Manny Pacquiao (5’5.5″) and Jake Paul (5’10.5″). Even so, his height gives him an advantage in lightweight boxing.


The professional boxer Ryan Garcia has 7 tattoos on his body. Each tattoo is unique and has a special meaning. Here are the tattoos and their meanings.

The first tattoo is the ‘Warrior’ tattoo on his left shoulder. Garcia mentioned that it’s the first tattoo he ever got. The tattoo represents how he is in his profession as a boxer. Clearly, it’s a very meaningful tattoo.

The second tattoo is a ‘Lion with Crown,’ which is on his left pec. The tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, inked this art on his skin. The reason for having such a tattoo is to represent his power and strength. It represents authority as well since he wants to rule the boxing world in the future.

Ryan Garcia tattooed a 'Lion with Crown,' on his left pec

Ryan Garcia tattooed a ‘Lion with Crown,’ on his left pec

He has another tattoo found on his left pec, that of a ‘dove’ above the lion one. This tattoo symbolizes new beginnings for him. Aside from that, it represents the holy spirit that guides him.

Ryan Garcia’s 4th tattoo has the ‘SHOCK THE WORLD’ written. Furthermore, the tattoo’s message is to break all expectations of him as a person. The tattoo is located on his back.

Garcia has two tattoos on his arm. One of them, a ‘cross’ tattoo, is found on his right forearm. This tattoo symbolizes his faith and Christianity. The other tattoo is found near his left wrist. Moreover, Garcia said the tattoo represents how he is as a person.

Aside from these six tattoos, Garcia has a ‘laurel’ tattoo around his neck. The tattoo represents all the success and victory he has had. It symbolizes his triumph in boxing. He also has a video of himself getting a tattoo, on his YouTube channel.

Ryan Garcia is Not Married. Dating Wife to-be Girlfriend Malu in 2022

Pro boxer Ryan Garcia made headlines when news that he got married spread. However, these are false rumors. Garcia is not married but is presently in a relationship.

According to some sources, Ryan Garcia is currently dating Malu, a TikTok star. Malu, her real name Maria Luisa Trevejo, first rose to fame in the now gone application,

Ryan Garcia and his rumored girlfriend, Malu

Ryan Garcia and his rumored girlfriend, Malu

Ryan and his future wife Malu first met during the former’s 18th birthday. Their assumed relationship started with a picture. Back in 2020, Garcia and Malu were seen kissing. A paparazzi took the mentioned photo. However, that is not the whole story.

Ryan shares that he got caught up in the moment. The two denied any dating rumors.

Who is Ryan Garcia’s daughter with his previous girlfriend, Catherine Gamez?

Ryan Garcia is a famous boxing champion. But did you know that he is also a champion father to two girls?

Garcia has two adorable daughters, Rylie and Bela Garcia. Rylie is a daughter to Catherine Gamez. Gomez is from Colombia, was born in the 2000s, and is currently 21 years old. Let’s first get to know the eldest daughter, Rylie Garcia.

The boxer shares custody with ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez over their daughter, Rylie. There are no details over Garcia’s daughter. Although, she was said to have been born in March 2019.

Ryan Garcia's ex-girlfriend, Catherine Gamez with their daughter, Rylie

Ryan Garcia’s ex-girlfriend, Catherine Gamez with their daughter, Rylie

When their daughter Rylie was born, their relationship slowly fell apart. Ryan didn’t share the reason for the breakup. However, rumors said they broke up due to having a toxic relationship. Nowadays, the ex-couple posts pictures of Rylie in their own Instagram accounts.

Ryan Garcia has a second daughter with another ex-girlfriend, Andrea Celina

After the breakup with Catherine Gamez, he started seeing Andrea Celina, popularly known as Drea. At present, Drea is famous for being the boxer’s girlfriend.

Andrea Celina has a daughter with Ryan Garcia. Their daughter, Bela, was born around November 2020. We didn’t find any details about Bela, other than her birthdate.

Ryan Garcia and his girlfriend, Andrea Celina

Ryan Garcia and his girlfriend, Andrea Celina

The two previously broke up because of cheating issues. However, the couple cleared the misunderstanding, and they got back together.


Love life and tattoos aside. We can’t wait to see Ryan Garcia take the boxing world by storm!

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