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Ryan Upchurch Net Worth. Wife, Tattoos

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth. Wife, Tattoos

Tennessee-raised rapper Ryan Upchurch came into the spotlight thanks to YouTube. After posting comedy skits on the video platform, he slowly gained a fanbase. Furthermore, thanks to his funny charm, he continues to receive attention.

Fans are curious about his dating life and his net worth. Check this article to know more about the rapper, including his wife and tattoos.

Where is Ryan Upchurch from?

Ryan Upchurch was born on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up in the small town of Cheatham County, Tennessee. Moreover, he dedicated a song in honor of the small town.

Based on his YouTube channel, he is seen to move homes a lot. Although he constantly moves places, he has never strayed far from his hometown. You can hear more about his new home here.

How old is Ryan Upchurch?

The Summer Love singer was born on the 24th of May in 1991. This currently makes Ryan 30 years old.

Net Worth

Ryan started his music career where most musicians do, YouTube. He posted comedy skits during his early internet days. In 2014, Ryan and his good friend, Shade Glover, opened a YouTube channel and posted Redneck skits. Due to their comedic timing, the duo, especially Ryan, slowly gained a fan base.

After receiving success in his comedy videos, he slowly shifted to making music. His heartfelt songs and talent for creating amazing pieces garnered his fans’ attention. Thus he professionally calls himself ‘Upchurch the Redneck’ as a rapper name.

His first single, Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread, was released in 2014. Afterward, year after year, he released albums and continues to rise in the music industry. Cheatham County and Heart of America are some of his hit albums. Moreover, both albums are chart toppers!

Tennessee-raised rapper Ryan Upchurch networth

Tennessee-raised rapper Ryan Upchurch

His iconic songs, Chicken Willie, Son of the South, and Summer Love, were also successes. The latter music video even featured his brother, Austen. He is constantly making music and achieving success. From comedy to music, Ryan really made a name for himself. He is among the most popular YouTube personalities.

His YouTube success gave him a high net worth of $4 million. In return, there is a possibility of his net worth increasing. With all things considered, he will continue to make great music.

Ryan Upchurch Wife: Still Married to Taylor Eileen Smith?

Ryan Upchurch was dating his best friend, Taylor Eileen Smith, in 2020. He also got engaged and married in the same year.

There are no details about his ex-wife, Taylor. However, Ryan’s former spouse does post pictures of herself and her daughter, Raelynn Ann, on Instagram.

After the couple was wed, they kept their relationship on the down-low. Fans questioned how the couple’s relationship was going. However, according to Ryan’s 2021 lives, they are no longer together. He mentioned that they split because they wanted to.

Although some rumors claim that Taylor cheated on his former partner, Ryan, the rapper never confirmed this. He prefers to keep his life private, especially his relationships.

Ryan Upchurch with his wife, Taylor Eileen Smith and daughter

Ryan Upchurch with his wife, Taylor Eileen Smith, and step-daughter, Raelynn An

He was Previously Engaged to Brianna Vanvleet

Before Ryan and Taylor Eileen were an item, he dated Brianna Vanvleet. In 2015, the couple started seeing each other. Ryan was so in love with his former fiance, Brianna, that he had planned on marrying her. The pair reached the point of being engaged! However, their relationship came to a halt.

Ryan Upchurch Ex-girlfriend, Brianna Vanvleet

Ryan Upchurch’s ex-girlfriend, Brianna Vanvleet

In April 2018, Ryan tweeted a subtle hint of their breakup. Some even claimed that his busy schedule brought conflict to the pair. However, the ex-couple never revealed the real reason for the split.


Like most rappers, the Nashville-raised Ryan has a few tattoos inked on his skin. Most of the tattoos are words that showcase everything he has experienced.

Ryan Upchurch showing his tattoos

Ryan Upchurch showing his tattoos

Family: Parents & Siblings

Although Ryan shows himself off online, there are no details about his family. However, he had once posted a picture of his younger self with his mother and siblings.

Ryan Upchurch with his mother, Patricia

Ryan Upchurch with his mother, Patricia

In addition, he has featured his mother, Patricia “Patty” Lynn, in one of his music videos. The music video for his song, “Summer Love,” even featured his brother, Austen.

Quick Facts

Name Ryan Upchurch
Full Name Ryan Edward Upchurch
Birthdate 24 May 1991
Age (2022) 30 years old
Place of Birth Cheatham County, Tennessee
Current Residence East Nashville
Parents Patricia Lynn (Mother), N/A (Father)
Siblings 4 (Austen Upchurch; other siblings not known)
Tattoos Yes
Profession YouTuber, Rapper, Musician
Relationship Status Undetermined
Spouse Taylor Eileen Smith (m. 2020)
Children 1 (stepdaughter; Raelynn Ann)
Net Worth (2022) $4 Million

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