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Salt Bae Net Worth. Wife and Kids

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Salt Bae Net Worth, Wife and Kids

Salt Bae is the man behind the viral clip of an exciting way of sprinkling salt on meats. Indeed, be careful because this macho Turkish man may steal away your girl with his intimate ways with his steak.

Additionally, from having to drop out of school to being a multimillionaire with restaurants across the globe, that viral video may have been his big break.

Keep reading if you want to know more about Salt Bae’s net worth, wife, and kids.

Salt Bae Net Worth

You may have seen clips of Salt Bae and his unique and funny way of preparing and salting meat. In fact, you’ll always see him in his iconic sunglasses, tight-fitting shirt, and large muscles. Indeed, back in January 2017, one of his clips of him salting a steak went viral and was viewed millions of times on social media.

Additionally, internet users began calling him “Salt Bae” for how he sprinkles salt in a suave and cool way— if it’s even possible to sprinkle salt “cooly.”

Furthermore, he begins by pinching salt in his fingertips and positioning his arm like an Egyptian, so the salt drops onto his forearms before landing on the meat. Consequently, the result is an unexpectedly entertaining spectacle that many would replicate.

Famous chef Salt Bae and his networth

Famous chef Salt Bae

His viral stint skyrocketed him to be a multimillionaire, owning multiple restaurants across the world in big cities. However, his beginnings were difficult. He was the son of a mineworker and had to drop out of school because of financial troubles.

Nevertheless, Nusret Gökçe, his real name, is now worth over $50 million as of early 2022. Moreover, you can chuck a lot of that to his steakhouses and ridiculous prices, which he has received backlash for.

Furthermore, his newfound fame earned him the privilege of serving the top celebrities and elites globally— which also comes with a corresponding pay.

Is Salt Bae married to a wife? Kids

Nusret is private about his personal details and love life. In fact, there is barely any information on his wife and kids. Furthermore, the public’s only clue to this is when he posted an image of 12 children and a woman on his Instagram captioned “My Family.”

However, it is unclear whether the children are his own and if the woman is his wife. Additionally, he has not confirmed to any media about his family details.

Salt Bae with his unidentified Kids

Salt Bae with his unidentified Kids

Quick Facts

Full Name Nusret Gökçe
Date of Birth 1983
Profession Chef
Age (2022) 39
Place of Birth Erzurum, Turkey
Relationship Status Unknown
Net Worth $50 million

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