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Sauce Walka Net Worth, Age, Parents

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Sauce Walka Net Worth, Age, Parents

Albert Walker “Sauce Walka” Mondane is a rapper hailing from Houston, Texas, and is the owner of the record label, The Sauce Factory or TSF. Furthermore, he made headlines for his diss track “Wack 2 Wack,” targeting renowned rapper Drake.

If you want to know Sauce Walka’s net worth, age, and parents, then keep on scrolling down below.

 Sauce Walka Age

The Houston-based rapper was born on the 29th of June, 1990. The rapper is currently 31 years of age.

Net Worth

Sauce Walka began rapping in 2007 when he was 16 years old. Additionally, he used to go by the moniker “A-Walk” and joined the rap group, Mostheard. Seven years later, he rebranded himself as “Sauce Walka” and released mixtapes with Sancho Saucy— they dubbed themselves the Sauce Twinz.

Walka had the spotlight on him when he released Wack 2 Wack; a diss track calling out famous rapper Drake for utilizing Houston hip-hop and rap culture. The honduran-American rapper is also the owner of the independent record label, The Sauce Factory, abbreviated as TSF.

Moreover, he launched the label in 2014 and has over twenty artists signed to it.

Famous rapper, Sauce Walka showing his networth

A famous rapper, Sauce Walka, has an estimated net worth of $3 million

Moreover, the rapper has dabbled in cryptocurrency as he invested in XRP or Ripple. Furthermore, he encouraged his one million followers at the time to also invest in the coin, which met some backlash from the crypto community as a ploy to drive up the price of the currency.

In conclusion, combined with his earnings from record sales, features, tours, and concerts, Sauce Walka has an estimated net worth of $3 million.


In fact, not much is known about the identity of Sauce Walka’s parents. However, we do know that his father was a professional wrestler and his mother, who suffered from drug addiction, had to raise him primarily by herself. Also, he has a brother named Dillion Clemons.

 Is Sauce Walka Married to his wife?

Sauce Walka is not married but is in a relationship with cam girl and OnlyFans creator, Bambi Doe. The two revealed their relationship in 2019 and are still together today— they also post content together on the platform. Moreover, Walka revealed that his wife-to-be girlfriend, Bambi earns $2 million annually from her work.

Additionally, sources claim that Walka has a child, but there is not much information on this.

Sauce Walka smiling with his girlfriend Bambi Doe

Sauce Walka smiling with his girlfriend, Bambi Doe

Quick Facts

Full Name Albert Walker Mondane
Date of Birth June 29, 1990
Profession Rapper
Age (2022) 31
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, U.S.A
Relationship Status In a relationship
Spouse Bambi Doe
Net Worth $3 million

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