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Is Ben Savage Married to Wife? Net Worth, Height, Age

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Ben Savage Networth, Height love life

Ben Savage, also known as Cory Matthews, is an American TV personality. He was featured in shows and movies ever since he was nine years old. Growing up, he appeared in Fred’s Little Monsters, Big Girls Don’t Cry, and The Laughter Epidemic.

Ben played the real role in Boy Meets World, a comedy relief series from 1993. After 2014, the actor started working for the Discovery Channel with the new sequel series called Girl Meets World for about three years.

The Chicago-born actor remains a childhood memory for many fans, and he has fan-following of over 1.1 million on his Instagram.

This article discusses Ben Savage’s relationship details, his Net Worth, Height, Age, and some rumors floating in the fanbase.

Ben Savage Wife is a Mystery that fueled Gay Rumors

Ben Savage is known for his role as Cory Matthews in two TV series, Boy Meets World (1993) and Girl Meets World. he is married to Topanga Matthews. Also, Danielle Fishel plays the role of Topanga in both shows. Using this information, many people assume that Danielle is Ben’s real wife. Some fans even speculate that Ben Savage is gay. Now, we will try to uncover the truth behind these rumors.

First of all, Ben comes from West Hollywood. This location is known as a gay area, as over 40 percent of the people residing there fall under the LGBT category. The people are very friendly and inclusive, which often gets looked at with skepticism.

Our investigation suggests that the rumors are based fully on the fact that Ben resides in West Hollywood. This is not sufficient to justify the gay rumors, so it is most likely not true.

Ben Savage and his on-screen partner, Danielle Fishel

Ben Savage and his on-screen partner, Danielle Fishel

Bennett likes to keep his private life, well, mostly private. Even though he has an active Instagram with 657 posts to date, not a single one discusses his past or present relationships.

However, he did share one moment about his dating life. At an earlier period around the 90s, Ben and his on-screen wife, Danielle did go on a date. They share the details with a reporter during an interview.

Danielle tells the experience as being more of an attempt that turned out to be “not romantic” at the end of the date. While she tries to hide the event by calling Ben “like a family member,” Ben clarifies that it was indeed a date. It could have turned out great, but he messed it up pretty badly.

Danielle shares another event during the shooting of Boy Meets World. The plot required both of them kissing, and she could see Ben looking quite white after the moment. So, even though not much is known about his relationships, Ben is currently single and also not gay.

Net Worth

Ben Savage has a net worth of $15 million in 2022. He earns mostly from acting for TV series and sitcoms. Starting up, the first role that Ben got was from Dear John. Then he started working in Boy Meets Word. These offered Ben recurring roles which gradually saved up over several years. The next show, Big Girls Don’t Cry, provided Ben with a significant increase in his work rates.

Getting over a million followers over Instagram is not an easy feat. This shows the respect and love people have towards Ben. He was also invited by the host of The Wonder Years as a guest on the show. Overall, the publicity he got over the years and the contributions he made to the industry resulted in a sizable net worth for him.


Ben Savage is 5 feet 9 inches tall, roughly equaling 1.78 meters.

Image of an American TV personality, Ben Savage

An American TV personality, Ben Savage

Age and DOB

Bennett Joseph Savage, widely known as Ben Savage, was born in the September of 1980. This makes him 41 years old in 2022.

Quick Facts

Full Name Bennett Joseph Savage
Date of Birth 13th September 1980
Profession Actor
Age (2022) 41 years old
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, United States
Ethnicity or Nationality American
Net Worth $15 million
Parents Name Lewis Savage, Joanne Savage
Instagram followers 1.1 million

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