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Shaun King Net Worth, Wife Rai King, & Family

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Shaun King Net Worth, Wife Rai King, and Family

Jeffery Shaun King is a famous writer from the USA. He is very active in advocacy for civil rights movements and similar social issues. In addition, he is the joint founder of the Real Justice politician action committee. Read this to know Shaun King Net Worth.

King takes the help of social media to promote social justice causes. He is also associated with the movement Black Lives Matter.

The social activist is currently engaged as a writer in residence at the Fair Punishment Project of Harvard Law School. King also contributes to The Intercept (an American nonprofit news organization) and The Appeal.

Continue reading to know his wife Rai King and their family.

Who is Shaun King?

Shawn counts among the famous journalists who advocate on social issues. He is among the prominent American personality who is enlisted on the major front faces of the Black Lives Matter movement. The 42 years-old social activist Shaun was born on the 17th of September, 1979.

Shaun was enlisted among the top 30 most influential people on the Internet platform in the year 2018. Born in Franklin, Kentucky, Shaun was raised up to be interested in racism and various kinds of discrimination from his childhood. As a profession, Shaun worked as a civics teacher in high school.

At a time, King was a Pastor for a renowned church, Total Grace Christian Centre. He also was the founder of “Courageous Church.” His numerous professions helped to uplift his early interest in defending social justice.

Image of the prominent American personality, Shaun King

The prominent American personality, Shaun King

Shaun King Net Worth

His massive wealth includes his earnings from writing, personal assets such as a house, and much more. Numerous funds and charities also account for summing up his property.

Though he raises the fund for the needy, it is quite difficult to assume whether he expenses all for the needy or not.

More than physical properties, he has earned priceless followers touching 3.7 million on his Instagram handle @shaunking.

Shaun King’s net worth is $3 million. Recently, he was noticed for purchasing a flat worthy $842k in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

Shaun King is married to his wife Rai King since 2001. Kids

Rai King is a famous podcast anchor. Rai was initially an educator. She has been associated in multiple professions varying from teacher to the equity director of a renowned company.

Shaun King and Rai King joined in holy matrimony in 2001. Unlike other social media influencers, Rai prefers being natural and loves spending the majority of time with her family.

Her Instagram wall is full of motivational quotes and pictures of her loved ones. She currently has 120k followers on the platform.

This amazing couple is raising five children. Among them, three were their biological babies, and they adopted two. To add another interesting fact about the couple, Shaun and Rai first met each other when they were 17 and 15 years old, respectively.

Shaun King with his wife, Rai King and children

Shaun King with his wife, Rai King, and children

Parents: Mother Kay King and Father Jeffery Wayne King

Shaun was born and brought up in Versailles. His birth certificate states his father as Jeffery Wayne King and his mother Naomi Kay (Fleming) King.

But reportedly, he talked about his real biological dad to be a light-skinned Black Man, which he got informed by his mother. If she was correct, Shaun has not encountered his actual father yet.

Shaun King looking happy with his mother, Kay King

Shaun King looking happy with his mother, Kay King


Shaun King was blessed to be among the three children of Kay King. His brethren count William Jason King and Rush King. William Jason King, the oldest one, served for a church as a pastor. Unfortunately, he passed away at the mid-age of 44. Shaun’s brother Rush is married and has two kids. They are residing a healthy life.

Shaun King with his late brother, William Jason King

Shaun King with his late brother, William Jason King

Full Name Jeffery Shaun King
Date of Birth 17 September 1979
Profession Journalist
Age (2022) 44 years
Place of Birth America
Relationship Status Married
Spouse name Rai King
Children Five ( Three biological)
Net Worth $3 million
Instagram followers 3.7 million

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