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Stunna 4 Vegas Net Worth, Height, Age

Stunna 4 Vegas Net Worth, Height, Age

Stunna 4 Vegas is a famous rapper and songwriter in the American rap music scene. His hit single entitled Animal shot him to stardom. The rapper collaborated with fellow North Carolina native rappers named Da Baby to create this hit single.

In addition, Stunna 4 Vegas is also a prominent figure on social media with millions of followers. Read this article to know his net worth, body measurements, and birthdate.

Who Is Stunna 4 Vegas?

Salisbury, North Carolina is the birthplace of Stunna 4 Nigga. He dreamed of becoming a famous rapper ever since he was young. A single mother raised the young aspiring rapper.

In high school, he tried out various sports like basketball and American football. He also started rapping when he was in high school. His very first project was the mixtape entitled Boot Up in  2017. The first part of his mixtape included the tracks entitled Jumpin and Trap, in collaboration with BannUpPrince.

In September 2017, the rapper released another mixtape entitled Young Nigga Shit. The rapper released another mixtape in January 2018 entitled 4 Way or No Way.

Later that year, he released the second part of the Stunna Season mixtape series. It featured artists such as Trap Swagg, SetItOff, Jose Gone Getcha, and YRB Tezz. Afterward, he released the single entitled Animal in collaboration with DaBaby. It was released by the music label South Coast Music Group.

In just four months, the music video of Animal earned more than 5 million views. DaBaby and he collaborated on several more songs after that first hit single.

In February 2020, he released the single entitled Go Stupid. It was his first solo single that reached the Billboard chart. The rapper released the album Welcome To 4 Vegas in the same year. It was his third studio album.

Net Worth

The net worth of Stunna 4 Vegas is $ 2 million as of 2022. His income comes mainly from his album sales, concerts, tours, radio, and television appearances. The rapper also has a massive following on all of his social media channels, and he earns a substantial amount from these.

Famous rapper and songwriter, Stunna 4 Vegas and his networth

Famous rapper and songwriter, Stunna 4 Vegas

How Tall Is Stunna 4 Vegas?

Stunna 4 Vegas is a tall guy, making him stand out on stage. His height measures  5 feet and 11 inches or 188 centimeters. He weighs 75 kilograms or 165 lbs. Overall, the rapper is a tall guy with a very fit physique.

How Old Is Stunna 4 Vegas?

Khalick Antonio Caldwell is the name that appears on the birth record of the young rapper. He entered this world on New Year’s Day in 1996. He is now 26 years of age as he has just celebrated his birthday this January 1, 2022.

Girlfriend and Dating Life

Stunna 4 Vegas is single and has never been married. There are no children in the rapper’s life as of the present. The famous rapper has kept his dating life under wraps. There are no photos or articles of his past girlfriends. It is not known if he has avoided dating to focus on his career or he has just kept his relationships in secret.

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