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Mr.T Net Worth, Age, Height. Wife and Kids

T Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife and Kids

Do you pity the fool? Laurence “Mr. T” Tureaud is the man behind this iconic tagline. Furthermore, the professional wrestler developed the persona of his Mandinka warrior hairstyle, gold chains, and tough personality into the recognizable image we know today.

But behind his persona is a man who cares deeply for his community and the youth, always looking for an opportunity to spread his learnings to those who will listen. Who is Mr. T’s wife? Any kids?

Keep on reading to find out Mr. T’s net worth, age, and height in the article below.

Is Mr. T Still Alive?

Yes, he is still alive and kicking though he is getting older. In fact, he still appears in television shows today, such as I Pity the Tool. 

Mr. T Age

The tough guy is getting on with the years. His age is 69, almost nearing the 70-year milestone. Additionally, he was born on the 21st of May in 1952 and has had a long and fruitful career.


Mr. T is quite tall, 5’10” and 236 lbs. Indeed, his build is very muscular and strong, something necessary when he was a bouncer and bodyguard.


Mr. T has had quite a career and built it up slowly. Likewise, he tried his hand at many different things, and with a few lucky breaks along the way, he is one of the most recognizable individuals even today. Truly, a lot of people will associate their unique mohawk hairstyle and characteristic gold jewelry with Mr. T.

Moreover, he began working as a bouncer in his youth. Then, he would get the jewelry lost in the clubs and bouncers he worked at and slowly but surely made the gold accessories a part of his persona and identity.

Eventually, he started getting jobs as a bodyguard and worked his way up to the high stars and celebrities of the time, such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and Steve McQueen.

Indeed, he could earn thousands of dollars per night as a bodyguard. Consequently, he spent about a decade working as a bodyguard before the next step in his career.

Television personality, Mr.T networth

Television personality, Mr.T has an estimated networth of $1 million

His first big break was when he acted in Rocky III. He also gained attention and fame from his role in The A-Team. By this point, he had already fully refined the Mr. T persona with the mohawk of the Mandinka warrior and was one of the hottest actors at the time.

Mr. T Net Worth

Consequently, many companies such as Snickers, Comcast, RadioShack, World of Warcraft, and others wanted him for commercials and advertisements. Indeed, Forbes even said that Mr. T is “one of the most enduring pitchmen in the business.” Some sources claim that at his peak, he was earning $5 million annually.

Interestingly, did you know Laurence chose the nickname “Mr. T” because he wanted the first thing people would say to him was Mister?

Mr. T also tried his hand at professional wrestling, first appearing in 1985 as the duo with Hulk Hogan at WWF. Since then, he has appeared occasionally as a special guest. Although he was incredibly famous and globally known, Mr. T had some problems with his finances. Moreover, he was going through cancer and famously revealed,

“I’m probably broke. I’ve probably got $200 in the bank. I gave [my jewelry] to my family for them to sell, make money, whatever they want to do. Material stuff… You can only take it to the grave, not past the grave.”

Consequently, his financial troubles and hardships left him with a networth of $1 million.

Nevertheless, he continues to be a motivational role model for the youth and speaks at schools and events.

Who is Mr. T Wife?

He married his former wife, Phyllis Clark in 1971 and had three children together, but they divorced sometime later. Mr. T is very private about his personal life, especially his love life, so not much information is known about his relationship.

Mr. T with his wife, Phyllis Clark

Mr. T with his wife, Phyllis Clark


Mr. T had three children with his ex-wife, Phyllis Clark. He had two daughters, Lesa and Erika, and a son, Laurence Jr.

Mr.T smiling with his daughter, Erika

Mr.T smiling with his daughter, Erika

Gay Rumors

Mr. T is not gay. In fact, his previous relationship with Phyllis Clark and his children proves his straight

Quick Facts

Full Name Laurence Tureaud
Date of Birth May 21, 1952
Profession Actor, Television personality
Age (2022) 69
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A
Relationship Status Divorced
Ex-spouse Phyllis Clark
Net Worth $1 million

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