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Tamela Mann Weight Loss, Net Worth, Age, Children

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Facts about Tamela Mann Weight Loss, Net Worth, Age, Children

Tamela Mann has been enjoying her life with her family as she has maintained her healthy weight. She is an American singer and actress and has accumulated a huge amount of wealth.

If you need some motivation to start your weight loss journey, take Gospel singer and actress Tamela Mann as your inspiration. Tamela promised to jump off to a healthier lifestyle, and nothing is hindering her in achieving her coveted physique.

Browse through this article and learn about Tamela Mann’s weight loss progress, plus more of her personal life – net worth, age, and her children.

Real Name Tamela Jean Johnson
Profession Actress, and gospel singer
Date of Birth June 9, 1966
Place of Birth Fort Worth, Texas
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Weight Loss 365 lbs – 40 lbs
Husband David Mann
Children Tia, David Jr, Tiffany, and Porcia
Net Worth $4.5 Million

 Tamela Mann Weight Loss

Tamela Mann is an American actress and gospel singer, and she’s recognized as the vocalist of Kirk Franklin and the Family, a gospel group. 

The singer had struggled due to her weight that reached up to 365 pounds. She knew that her health was in danger, so Tamela opted to make a few transformations in her life. Tamela established a few objectives to execute a better life routine and trim some fats, not just for her but also for her loved ones. 

Tamela was already an active member of Weight Watchers and cut back 40 lbs before undergoing knee surgery. The singer conveyed that WW is a lifetime devotion to a better living, not a period of fasting.

Even though she is following a weight loss regimen, Tamela proclaims she’s keeping away from diets. Her fitness quest inspired numerous individuals, not to mention Tiffany, her daughter, who later embarked on the journey. 

Tamela Mann Weight Loss

An American actress and gospel singer, Tamela Mann

But, as Tamela’s wellness accomplishments have essentially been due to her commitment and blood-sweat-and-tears, she has valued immense encouragement from her hubby, David Mann. 

And with Tamela Mann Instagram post in October 2021, where she wore a blue dress, followers were awed by the singer’s weight loss. The figure-hugging silk dress accentuated her slender and voluptuous figure. 

Tamela expresses that after being one of WW’s ambassadors, her well-being changed for the better.

Tamela Mann Net Worth

In the past few years, Tamela Mann’s leading income source hаѕ bееn her career as a singer. However, she earned а huge sum оf wealth as an actress, as well. Her latest song is Help Me featuring “The Fellas”

The WW’s ambassador started her career in 2005 and has been nominated and bagged numerous awards in various award-giving bodies. She has many sold-out performances and worked with several star celebrities. 

Aside from being an outstanding singer, she is also a superb actress. Tamela was recognized because of her portrayal in various films and TV shows like Meet the Browns, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Mann, and Wife, Sparkle, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, It’s a Mann’s World, and I Can Do Bad All By Myself. 

Therefore, аftеr pilling up her entire income and revenues, Tamela Mann has an estimated net worth of $4.5million as of 2022. 

How old is Tamela Mann?

Tamela Mann, or Tamela Jean Johnson, as known by her family, was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on June 9, 1966. She is currently 55 years old and will soon be 56 this June. She is of American nationality, possessing a star sign of Gemini. 

Tamela has indeed become foxier and aged graciously than ever.


The American gospel singer Tamela Mann is already married to another gospel singer and stage actor David Mann. 

Tamela Mann with her husband, David Mann and children

Tamela Mann with her husband, David Mann, and children, Tia and David Jr

Tamela and David are blessed with two children, Tia and David Jr. However, Tamela still needs to raise David’s kids, Tiffany, and Porcia from another woman. And although she was bewildered because of this scenario, she ultimately accepted the circumstances and chose to trust David’s words for her family. It all paid off, and now the couple has a lovely family.

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