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How Old Is Tay-K? Net Worth, Parents

Tay-K Age, Networth, Parents

Tay-K is a renowned former rapper in the American music scene. He is also a songwriter. Before going solo, he was part of the Daytona Boyz, a rap group. The young rapper became famous for his song entitled The Race. It reached the 44th spot in the US Billboard Hot 100.

Here we have disclosed several key facts about the rapper, which include his age, net worth, and parents.

Who Is Tay-K?

Tay-K has always loved to rap ever since he was a young boy. In 2014, he joined the rap group named Daytona Boyz. They released their first single entitled Drift on SoundCloud. The group released several more songs after the first one, but none became a hit. They remained unknown in the rap music scene. It prompted Tay-K to think about going out on his own and leaving the group.

In 2015, the former rapper released his first solo single entitled BIFF XANNEN on his solo SoundCloud account. Afterward, he released other singles such as Sky Cooper and Megaman. It was the song Megaman that shot Tay-K to stardom. The song produced by Russ808 was played more than 20 million times on SoundCloud.

In September 2015, the song’s official music video was released, and it also became viral. It has almost 30 million views.

An American renowned rapper, Tay-K

A renowned American rapper, Tay-K

In July 2016, Tay-K and six other individuals were charged with murder. He got tangled with a robbery and invasion where a certain Ethan Walker was killed.

Initially, he was detained at home with electronic ankle monitors while awaiting trial. However, the rapper took off his ankle monitor and left his home with his friend. They fled to San Antonio.

The rapper recorded his hit song The Race while hiding from the police. The song reached the 44th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. He was finally arrested in June 2017.

The Race singer tried to avoid going to prison by taking a bottle of pills so he would be sent to the hospital. However, the police gave him a clean bill of health after only a day. He then attempted to fool the police into believing that he needed psychiatric help.

The rapper claimed that he was hearing voices and seeing ghosts. He was then admitted to a psychiatric facility but was released after two days. Tay-K had nowhere else to go but to prison. In July 2019, he was convicted of murder with 55 years of jail time.

Tay-K Net Worth

The net worth of Tay-K is $250,000 as of 2022. He earned a substantial $600,000 from his record deal with RCA Records and 88 Classic.

In addition, he also earned from the sales of his songs and concerts. However, a considerable part of his earnings was used on legal fees and fines after being charged and convicted of murder.

Tay-K Age

Tay-K was born Taymore McIntyre on June 16, 2000. He is 21 years of age this 2022. The young rapper was born in California but later relocated to Las Vegas with his mother.


The parents of Tay-K were both members of the group named Baby Insane. The name of his father is Kevin Beverly. He was also sentenced to prison when Tay-K was still a child. After his father was sent to jail, Taymor Travon McIntyre and his sister moved to Las Vegas with their mother.

Tay-K with his father, Kevin Beverly

Tay-K with his father, Kevin Beverly, at a young age

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