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Tee Grizzley Net Worth, Height, Age. Where is he from?

Facts about Tee Grizzley Net Worth, Height, Age

A dark, miserable past cannot guarantee one is destined to fail or become a bad influence. From jailbird to a chart-topping rapper, this is Tee Grizzley.

Read on to know more about Grizzley’s life, net worth, height, and age.

Where is Tee Grizzley from?

Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., better known as Tee Grizzley, was born on March 23, 1994, in Detroit, Michigan. In an interview for Complex, Grizzley described his upbringing as “abusive.”

Furthermore, his home hosted many illegal drug-related activities as he was growing up. Addicts frequented his house and exposed him to vices. Despite all this, he managed to stay sober and focused on his studies, eventually getting into Michigan State University.

Moreover, his grandmother raised him because his parents often got in trouble with the law.

However, he would later be incarcerated himself.

He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison after robbing students’ dorms of $20,000 worth of cash and merchandise.

Tee Grizzley Net Worth

Tee Grizzley has a net worth of $1.5 million and gets his wealth from his rap career. He also gets his revenue from being a YouTube star as he has three channels.

Terry is an avid gamer and likes to stream his gameplays and other gaming content. The Grizzlies is another YouTube channel where he posts videos about his family’s adventures. His third channel, Tee Grizzley, is where he posts content relating to his music and career. These are the source of his huge net worth.

Image of a chart-topping rapper, Tea Grizzley

A famous talented rapper, Tee Grizzley

Grizzley Gang Gaming has 293K subscribers and generates approximately $2,500 to $40,500 monthly and roughly $30,400 to $486,500 annually.

The Grizzlies has 30K subscribers and generates approximately $54 to $865 monthly and roughly $649 $10,400 annually.

Tee Grizzley has over 1.8 million subscribers and generates approximately $3,100 to $49,800 monthly and roughly $37,400 to $597,900 annually.

The rapper’s songs are available for streaming on platforms like Spotify & Deezer. Furthermore, his music is also available in CD or Vinyl form to appeal to a broader range of people. Finally, Tee has his own merch and has a site exclusively for the sale of Tee Grizzley merch. His merch consists of exclusive apparel specifically, shirts, hoodies, and caps.

It’s his contribution to the world of hip-hop that has cemented his place as one of the best rappers today.

Wallace’s skills and unique musical style have contributed to the fast growth of his net worth.

How tall is Tee Grizzley? Height

Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr. (Tee Grizzly) is exactly 6 feet tall (1.83 meters).


Circling back, this American rapper is 27 years of age as of early 2022 and was born on March 23, 1994.

Girlfriend and Baby

Many sources claim that Tee Grizzley is single. He preferred to keep his love life away from the spotlight.

However, this is not exactly true as he has a girlfriend but was able to keep it private.

Tee was quiet about his relationship, but he eventually introduced her on his Instagram. The post was photos of the couple’s gender reveal party and how they knew they were welcoming a son.

However, his girlfriend, My’Eisha Agnew, revealed their relationship in an Instagram post she uploaded in December 2019.

Tee Grizzley and his girlfriend, My'Eisha Agnew revealed child gender on instagram

Tee Grizzley and his girlfriend, My’Eisha Agnew

The couple recently welcomed their son, also named Terry Sanchez Wallace III, on July 18, 2020. Tee’s girlfriend, My’Eisha often posted endearing photos of her and Tee, but with the addition of baby Grizzley, family photos soon followed. Baby Grizz also has his own Instagram account, which his father set up and has over 5K followers.

In 2020, Tee Grizzley released his album, The Smartest, and My’Eisha dedicated a post to the album release.

My’Eisha is her husband’s number one fan and did not hesitate to express that in her post. It is evident that the couple is deeply in love with each other and their son.

Tee Grizzley son, Terry Sanchez Wallace III

Cute little boy, Terry Sanchez Wallace III

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