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TimTheTatman Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Tattoos

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TimTheTatman Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Tattoos

When it comes to Fortnite gamers, TimTheTatman would probably come to your mind. After all, he rose to streamer fame after posting streams of himself playing the game. Read this to know TimTheTatman’s net worth.

Timothy John Betar, famous for his gamer name ‘TimTheTatman,’ rose to online fame in 2018. He is considered one of the popular gaming streamers on Twitch.

Since 2012, he had been slowly gaining attention for his streams on Twitch, but it wasn’t until the Fortnite boom in 2018 that he had his big break. Now he is one of the wealthiest streamers for online gaming.

Moreover, he is famous for his iconic look, which gave his name. Speaking of looks, if you want to know his net worth, height, hair, and tattoos, scroll through this article. Also, read about his wife and children right here.

TimTheTatman Net Worth

TimTheTatman gained a supportive fandom with his witty gameplay and not-so-usual tactics. Thus, to keep his large audience following, Twitch signed a multi-year exclusivity deal with the gamer in December 2019.

Therefore, gaining him a large amount of money from the platform. In addition, having more than 40,000 active subscribers, Tim earns around $1 million per year.

However, Twitch isn’t the streamer’s only source of income as he also has a YouTube channel. Aside from streaming, he also has sponsorship deals with gaming brands NZXT and Razer. The energy drink company Monster also sponsors him.

Like any other gamer, he also shares his streams on the video platform, YouTube, contributing to his overall net worth. In addition, he gains cash from endorsements and paid subscriptions from the platform too!

In addition, he is wealthier than most streamers and is among the top 10 wealthiest streamers in the World. He is in line with prominent streamers like Nickmercs, Tfue, Shroud, and Ninja.

Thus, the Fortnite gamer currently has a net worth of $10 million. Most of his income comes from streaming on both Twitch and YouTube. The rest come from endorsement and paid subscriptions.

Although he has come so far, Tim owes his thanks to his working experience in Taco Bell. He learned and improved himself by facing various people who questioned his capabilities. Also, he never fails to remind his fans to show love to others.

House and Cars

With Tim’s earnings, he can afford a comfortable life. He presently lives with his wife in New York, but there are no further details about his house.

In addition, Tim has always been fond of jeeps and owns an all-black Hennessy Maximus Jeep Gladiator.

TimTheTatman Houses, Cars

Famous Stream-Gamer, TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman Wife and kids.

The YouTube streamer is presently married to his wife, Alexis. Unfortunately, there are no details about his wife, Alexis, except that she also grew up in New York and was classmates with Tim.

Here you’ll find the story of the Betars’ relationship from dating to marriage. And so, the two lovebirds met in high school, bonded, and started dating.

However, due to how young they were and, according to Tim, his immaturity, they broke up. But they did reconnect and dated again when they were in college. However, the long-distance split them apart once more.

TimTheTatman smiling with his wife, Alexis

TimTheTatman smiling with his wife, Alexis

It seems the third time’s the charm between the two because there is no perfect girl other than Alexis for Tim. Moreover, their love story is like the movies.

After Tim confesses to his spouse, Alexis quit her job and moved in with him. Tim then proposed to her a few months after they started dating again.

In addition, he introduces his partner, Alexis, to his viewers after the proposal, but before that, she was just a mystery girl. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and had their son, Brewer, in 2019


As of January 2022, TimTheTatman is 31 years old. He was born on the 8th of April in 1990 and is around the same age range as most streaming gamers. He is closer in age to Benjamin Lupo, aka DrLupo (1987), and Richard Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja (1991).

How tall is TimTheTatman?

The twitch streamer stands around 1.83 m or 6 feet tall. Moreover, compared to fellow streamers like MrBeast (6’2″) and Pewdiepie (5’11”), his height is around the average size of most streamers.


TimTheTatman got his name after his teacher called him by the fond nickname. Moreover, with his body, especially his arms inked with tattoos, many are curious about the tattoos.

According to the gamer, the tattoos represent his religious faith as a Christian and his dreams of reaching far. You can find him explaining the reason for his tattoos here!

TimTheTatman tattoos and his son

TimTheTatman tattoos and his son, Brewer

Weight Loss

Back in 2019, Tim posted photos of his weight loss progress on Twitter. Moreover, he was happy to share the journey of losing weight.

It started after his doctor saw signs of high blood pressure in him. Tim immediately changed his lifestyle. Furthermore, support from friends in the same industry flooded his tweet with cheers and congratulations.

Tim currently weighs around the range of 250-260 pounds and remains a healthy weight. According to Tim, during his interview with GQ Magazine, he decided to lose weight to keep himself fit.

Since his job involves sitting down and streaming for many hours, he should not let it be the reason to keep from exercising. His pace may be slow, but he is happy with his progress!

Aside from his career, the twitch streamer mentioned that he was anxious about his looks, which badly affected him throughout his school life. To inspire his son to accept his body shape and size, he decided to be more open about his journey.


The internet star used to have long ginger hair but cut it off due to the length and hair problems. Tim is usually seen sporting a bald style in his streams, covered by his headphones. However, recently he has been growing his hair again.

Name TimTheTatman
Full Name Timothy John Betar
Birthdate April 8, 1990
Age (2022) 31 years old
Place of Birth New York, United States
Height 1.83m
Tattoos Yes
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Alexis Betar
Children 1 (Brewer)
Profession Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, Internet Personality
Net Worth (2022) $10 Million

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