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How tall is Tom Felton? Net Worth, Tattoos, Hairstyle

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Tom Felton Net Worth, Tattoos, Hairstyle

When it comes to the wizarding world, you probably know him as the boy wizard’s archenemy. Tom Felton rose to fame after playing Draco Malfoy in the famous book-turned-movie Harry Potter. Read more about the actor’s current net worth here! We also got information on his hairstyle and tattoos.

Tom Felton Height

The Harry Potter actor seems tall, but he is average in height. The British actor is 5 ft and 8 inches or around 1.74 meters. Moreover, compared to his fellow Potter alums, Daniel Radcliffe (5 ft 5 in) and Rupert Grint (5 ft 8.11 in), Felton is on the tall side.

 Famous Harry Potter franchise, Tom Felton Height

The famous Harry Potter franchise, Tom Felton

Net Worth

Before Tom Felton rose to fame in the Harry Potter franchise, he was already active since 1997. Although he is famous for acting, he actually has a presence in the music industry. Thus, he has been in the industry for more than 20 years.

The England-raised actor started his career filming commercials. He made his film debut in 1997 for the fantasy movie ‘The Borrowers.’ However, Felton landed his most memorable role in 2001. Thus, the character of Draco Malfoy in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Franchise came to life.

Indeed, he rose to international fame after appearing in the popular series. But Tom Felton has appeared in various other films as well, aside from the children’s movie. From horror movies to the blockbuster film ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes.’

Indeed he continued to appear in mostly horror and thriller-related movies, as well as indie films. Thus he is considered one of the top paid actors among his Potter peers.

Aside from movies, the actor also appeared on the small screen. However, most of his roles were playing characters in crime dramas and superhero series.

Aside from acting, the Slytherin House member is also a singer-songwriter. Take a listen to his song, ‘If You Could Be Anywhere’ here. Combining his whole career in the entertainment industry, Tom Felton’s net worth is $10 million.


According to various sources, Tom Felton has two tattoos. He has the tattoo of his dog, Timber, on his left arm. While on his right ankle, he has the Venice Beach Palm Trees inked.

Tom Felton has tattoo of his dog, Timber

Tom Felton has a tattoo of his dog, Timber


We all know that Tom Felton is famous for his platinum blonde hair during his portrayal as Draco Malfoy. But did you know that the British actor’s natural hair color is dark blonde? His sleek hairstyle from the HP franchise has also been adopted by some of his fans.

Name Tom Felton
Full Name Thomas Andrew Felton
Birthdate Sept 22, 1987
Age (2022) 34 years old
Place of Birth Epsom, Surrey, England
Profession Actor, Voice Actor, Singer
Relationship Status Single
Spouse None
Children None
Net Worth $20 Million

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