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Home » How Tall is Tory Lanez? Net Worth, Hair, Age, Girlfriend

How Tall is Tory Lanez? Net Worth, Hair, Age, Girlfriend

Tory Lanez Net Worth, Hair, Age, Girlfriend

Veteran rapper Tory Lanez is still one of the industry’s top performers. Tory is also known for his incredible body, but how tall is he exactly? Also, with his success, how much is he worth now? Read more here to know about How Tall Tory Lanez is, his net worth, hair, age, and girlfriend.

Tory Lanez Height.

Tory Lanez stands at about 5 feet and 3 inches. Moreover, Tory is shorter than Chris Brown, who stands at about 6 foot 1. Chris and Tory collaborated on a song together.

Furthermore, Tory is also shorter than Meek Mill, who stands at 6 foot 2; Trey Songz, who is 5 foot 11; and Bryson Tiller and Da Baby, who are both 5 foot 8.

Tory Lanez Net worth

He has a lot of income sources from being a rapper and singer. Moreover, Tory is also a music video director and a record producer. The rapper’s albums never fail to rank the 10th spot on the Billboard Charts.

In addition, Tory is a fashion designer, and he has his clothing line.

Tory’s music videos get 100,000 up to millions of views. Furthermore, Tory also has a Youtube Channel with over 3.95 million subscribers. Because of this, the rapper possibly earns through Youtube Ads. With his ongoing music activities and success, Tory’s net worth will perhaps increase as time passes.

Image of a veteran rapper, Tory Lanez

A veteran rapper, Tory Lanez

Before Tory became one of the industry’s prominent rappers, he started with performing underground. Tory then met Sean Kingston, and his career kicked off in 2014.

Moreover, Tory was featured on YG’s track Me & My Bitch”. He also signed a deal with Mad Love Label by Benny Blanco and released a sampled music, Say It. The song ranked 23rd on the Billboard Hot 100.

Many of Tory’s songs became platinum singles which made him debut his first full-length album, I Told You. I Told You ranked 5th on the Billboard 200.

In addition, Tory’s song Luv got nominated for the Grammys in the Best R&B Song category. Because of his hit singles and first full-length album, he released more songs and eventually released Memories Don’t Die, his second album. His second album did not disappoint, as it ranked 5th again in the Billboards 200.

Tory continued to dominate the scene of hip-hop, releasing song after song and collaborating with other artists like T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Moreover, Tory got in both U.S. and Canadian pop charts, ranking second on both.

Tory Lanez’s net worth is $4 million.

Is Tory Lanez Dating a Girlfriend?

Tory Lanez is not in a relationship as of 2022. However, the rapper has dated many women since the start of his career.

Tory Lanez was in a relationship with fellow rapper Trina from May 2014 until August 2015. He then dated DreamDoll two months after his breakup with Trina.

Tory and DreamDoll dated from October 2015 and broke up in November 2016. Rumors also circulated about Tory dating Bria Myles back in 2017.

Furthermore, Tory also dated girlfriend Kaylin Garcia in July 2016 but separated in April 2017. The rapper then dated Masika Kalysha in the same year and ended in June. He dated two more girls before being associated with Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

Tory Lanez ex-girlfriend, Trina

Tory Lanez with his ex-girlfriend, Trina

Baby and Baby Mama

Much to fans’ surprise, Tory announced that he had a son. Kai was born on the 12th of April 2017. However, information on Tory’s baby mama is still unknown until this day. By the looks of it, the rapper values her privacy. Tory, however, admits that he is in a good relationship with Kai’s mother.

In an interview, Tory says,

“But my baby moms I’m never on no bad terms. I’m not one of those child support … you know, situations. We’ve got a good understanding of what’s going on.”

Moreover, just like a proud father, Tory Lanez made his son’s photo as the cover art of his mixtape, The New Toronto 3. The cover art was a photo of Kai resting his head on Tory’s shoulders.

Tory Lanez Son Kai

Tory Lanez looking at his Son Kai

Tory Lanez Hair has become a trend

Tory Lanez is known for sporting various hairstyles, from clean cuts to dreadlocks and afros. However, Troy became the talk of social media when photos of him with bald patches circulated online.

Furthermore, in the photo, Tory Lanez is playing basketball with a huge bald spot in the middle of his head. A Twitter user tweeted, “Tory Lanez’s hair looking like Jamie Fox’s hair in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (laugh emoji”.

Tory Lanez hair compared with Jamie Fox


How old is Tory Lanez? Age, Birthday

Tory Lanez was born Daystar Peterson on the 27th of July, in 1992. He is currently 29 years old.

Full Name Daystar Peterson
Date of Birth July 27, 1992
Profession Rapper
Age (2022) 29 years old
Relationship Status Single
Children Kai (4) was born on April 12, 2017.
Net Worth as of 2022 Approximately $4 million

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