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Vanessa Williams’ Husband Jim Skrip Net Worth Wiki

Vanessa Williams' Husband Jim Skrip Net Worth Wiki

Jim Skrip is an American entrepreneur and a real estate agent. He is 61 years old (as of 2022), and he was born on the 1st of January 1960. Jim’s parents are Fredrick and Annette Skrip. Unfortunately, both of his parents passed away, and their information isn’t accessible.

Vanessa Williams’ husband is originally from Depew, Buffalo, New York. He is American by nationality, he is Caucasian by his ethnicity, which is traced to Mexican ancestry, and he belongs to the Christian community.

Jim enrolled at St. Bonaventure University to study accountancy. He got his degree in accountancy in 1984. He also studied finance and marketing too. Jim gained experience being an accountant for several years before he involved himself in his own businesses.

He started his house business in New York. Jim doesn’t have much information about his dating and family history as he is a private person. Let’s explore more about Vanessa Williams and her husband, Jim Skrip, here.

Jim Skrip is famous for being Vanessa Williams’ husband

There would be no record if Jim Skrip had a previous marriage or romantic relationship before marrying Vanessa Williams. Technically, people speculated that Vanessa Williams was the first woman and only in his life. On the contrary, the businessman doesn’t engage in rumors or gossip on social media.

Even though Vanessa and her husband, Jim, are both from New York, they met during their luxurious vacation in Egypt in 2012; specifically, they met while cruising on the Nile river.

Vanessa started the first move as Jim’s t-shirt grabbed her attention, urging her to talk to him. They found out they had a lot of things in common during their three-hour conversation.

Despite Vanessa’s failed marriages, everything about Vanessa seems incredible for Jim, and he didn’t think twice about loving her. Later on, they both developed their feelings and started dating for two years.

In 2014, the couple became officially engaged, but they kept their entire relationship and engagement from the public. While Queen Latifah was promoting her show ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ in September 2014, the actress noticed Vanessa’s cushion-cut diamond ring.

Then, after the show, Vanessa finally introduced Jim Skrip as her fiancé. She claimed that she has been receiving positive things since their engagement.

The couple decided to share their vows on the 4th of July 2015. They held their wedding ceremony with lavish rituals at St. Stanislaus Church in Buffalo. Egyptian inspires the couple’s main theme of their wedding reception to reminisce the moment they first met in Egypt.

Vanessa Williams looking happy with her current husband, Jim Skrip

Vanessa Williams looking happy with her current husband, Jim Skrip

A wedding planner, Carla Measer-Costamagna, and Jim’s executive assistant, Brian Edwards, helped the wed couple organize their whole exquisite wedding.

The couple actually became the main attraction as they matched the theme of their wedding ceremony. Their close friends and families witnessed the most significant event of their life. The wedding ceremony was held at the Statler City Hall due to minor issues regarding Vanessa’s previous marriages.

Still, the couple decided to get married with a catholic ceremony at a church located in Vanessa’s hometown after a year of their first marriage. After their wedding ceremony, Jim Skrip’s image and reputation increased because people started to know him as Vanessa’s husband. Her fans are intrigued by his basic information.

Still, they don’t have the luck to research deeper information about him because it is secured, and he refuses to share something about his personal life.

Jim Skrip is Vanessa Williams’ 3rd Husband.

Vanessa William had two previous marriages before meeting her current spouse, Jim Skrip. First, she was married to a music manager, film producer, and the owner of the Entertainment Management & Brand Consultant company Hervey & Company, Ramon Hervey II, in 1987. He used to manage and help Vanessa’s career before they got married.

But after a decade of their marriage, the rumor about their divorce circulated on media. In 1997, the former couple confirmed that they ended their ten years of marriage. Their relationship became their least priority because they were busy taking care of the kids and their careers.

Image of Vanessa Williams' husband, Jim Skrip

Vanessa Williams’ husband, Jim Skrip

On her second marriage, Vanessa was married to a Canadian NBA player, Rick Fox, in 1999. Their marriage lasted for five years. They reveal no information about their divorce, but Rick announced that he is filing a divorce on the public before telling Vanessa about it.

After the divorce filing, they decided to co-parent their daughter and work the best for her as separated parents.

Her recent partner, Jim Skrip, still chooses to love and marry her despite her two failed marriages. Jim doesn’t have much information about his dating history as he is a private person, but it appears that Vanessa is his first marriage and his only wife.

Vanessa Williams husband, Jim Skrip Kids

Since Jim Skrip doesn’t have a previous marriage before he marries Vanessa, he has no child record with any other woman. He also doesn’t have a child with Vanessa yet, but he plays his role as a step-father of his wife’s four children from her two previous marriages.

Vanessa has three children in her first marriage: Melanie Hervey (33 years old), Jillian Hervey (31 years old), and Devin Hervey (28 years old). Then, Sasha (21 years old) is her child in her second marriage. When the couple met in Egypt, Sasha kept his mother company. So, it seems that Jim Skrip is closer to Sasha than the rest of Vanessa’s children.

Vanessa William Children

Vanessa William with her son and three daughters

Jim Skrip Net Worth

Jim Skrip is not that interested in social media. Technically, that is his least interest. He often spends his time on his business and his family.

Jim Skrip used to work as an accountant, but he retired after several years of experience and started his business in real estate. His legitimate net worth is $10 million, with a salary ranging from $34,408 to $71,138.

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