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Walker Hayes Net Worth, Age, Where does he Live?

Facts about Walker Hayes Net Worth, Age, House

No one instantly becomes a hit overnight in the music industry; it takes hard work and patience. Walker Hayes is the epitome of a person who did not stop until he succeeded. This talented country singer caught people’s hearts with his dedication and catchy music.

Do you want to get to know Walker Hayes even more? You may read this article and get inspiration from his journey know his net worth, age, and current address.

Who is Walker Hayes?

Walker did not plan on pursuing music. That is why he completed a degree. Hayes would play his guitar every once in a while. Not long enough, his father persuaded him to try and perform, which Walker agreed to. Walker and his fiancee, Laney Beville, then moved to Nashville.

Hayes pursued music in the year 2005, and from then on, his career started. At first, Hayes signed a record deal with Mercury. His record deal did not last long, and Hayes transferred to Capitol Records.

His debut single, Pants, landed on the 60th spot on the Hot Country Songs Charts. After the success of his debut single, Hayes released his first album entitled Reason to Rhyme. However, the album failed to become a hit, and because of it, Walker lost his record deal.

After losing his record deal, Walker worked at Costco to get by and feed his family. Because of the ordeal, Walker’s coping mechanism was smoking six packs of cigarettes.

Despite what happened, Walker continued his passion. Somewhere down the line, he received a phone call that turned his life around. Shane McAnally, a songwriter and producer, talked Walker about a record deal.

Since then, Walker Hayes rose to fame, and his single “ You Broke Up With Me” became a hit. His album entitled Boom climbed up to the top 6th spot on the Top Country Albums Chart.

Walker Hayes’ latest hit is his song Fancy Like, which he also took to the popular platform called TikTok. He and his daughter used the song to do a dance video garnering 33.9 million views as of January 2022.

Walker Hayes Fancy Like Daughter On Tiktok

Walker Hayes and his teen daughter used the song Fancy Like on Tiktok

Furthermore, Fancy Like has been used in 880,000 TikTok videos and streamed over 100 million times on Spotify. And on youtube, the music video garnered 50 million views.

Walker Hayes said that he did not expect Fancy Like to blow up. The country singer told that it was not supposed to happen, but he’s glad it did. According to Walker, he accidentally wrote a song that people can relate to. People on social media showed their support for the singer and his song; some are not even fans of country music.

According to Walker, the success he is experiencing now is after the rough roads he faced when he lost two record deals because of an unsuccessful album. In addition, Walker wished that he could give a step-by-step list on how to become successful. However, Walker says that’s not the way it works; he does not have a proper formula for it.

Last December 31, Walker Hayes performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. The show’s host was Ryan Seacrest. Walker performed his single AA and his hit song Fancy Like. The audience loved Walker’s personality and energy during the show.

How old is Walker Hayes? Age and DOB

Walker Hayes is currently 42 years of age. He was born on the 27th of December, 1979.

Walker Hayes was born Charles Edgar Walker Hayes. He was born in Mobile, Alabama. Walker learned to play the piano when he was a kid. Hayes enrolled in Birmingham-Southern and took up piano as his major.

Aside from that, Hayes also went to a university in Chapel Hill called the University of North Carolina. Aside from music, Walker also grew up loving sports like basketball.

Where does Walker Hayes Live?

Walker Hayes currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, together with his wife and kids.

Moreover, ever since Walker was a kid, Applebees was an important place in his life. According to him, he and his family would often go to Applebees to eat.

Following the song’s success, Applebees offered a deal with Hayes to do a commercial. And that is a dream come true for someone who grew up eating at the food chain.

Walker Hayes looking happy with his wife and children

Walker Hayes along with his wife and children

Walker Hayes Net Worth

Hayes’ net worth estimated is $4.5 Million as of 2022, With his still rising popularity and hit songs, his net worth will increase as the years go by.

Walker Hayes’ success proves that you can make it out there as long as you work hard and keep on believing in yourself. Walker went through many hardships, but that did not stop him from reaching his dreams which eventually led to his successful career.

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