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Home » Wes Watson Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki.

Wes Watson Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki.

Wes Watson Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki

Wes Watson spent a decade in California’s most dangerous prisons and came out of it a new man.

Drawing from his time in GP or “general population,” Wes now takes the opportunity to share his experiences and life lessons with anyone ready to change themselves for the better.

In this article, discover how Wes Watson built net worth, his beautiful wife, age, and wiki.

Wes Watson Net Worth

Wes Watson is a famous motivational speaker known for his intense, vein-popping pep talks. Estimates place Wes Watson’s net worth at around 1.7 million dollars.

But the drill sergeant from hell wasn’t always this way. Watson went through a lot of hardship and trials in his youth. At an early age, Watson was already involved with dealing with and use of marijuana. Coupled with weapons, assault, and home invasion charges– his stint with crime consequently landed him in his new home for the next decade: California federal penitentiary.

Wes Watson Wiki

The ten years Watson spent in prison was a life-changing event for him. Moreover, he spent the time working on himself, seeking to achieve self-mastery. Fast forward to today, Watson has a wide portfolio that enables him to make over six figures a month.

The host created Watson Fit, a program focused on helping individuals reach their fitness goals with the right mindset to go with it. Watson also has a Youtube channel called GP Penitentiary Life with nearly 400 thousand subscribers. He has a series of podcasts touching on his experiences in prison, self-disciple, mindsets for life, and self-transformation. Wes also recently finished writing his book “Ten Years Incarcerated– Creating the Unbreakable Mindset,” soon to sell on Amazon.

Wes Watson has a large following on social media with over 166 thousand followers on Instagram, 4,561 on Facebook, and 412 on Twitter. He is a living example of reformation and success after a decade in prison, no easy feat!

Is Wes Watson Married to his wife?

Wes Watson married his wife, Valeria Watson. The two declared their wedding vows on October 31, 2019.

Together, Wes and his wife have a son named “Wolfie,” who just turned three last November 30.

Wes Watson with his wife, Valeria Watson and son

Wes Watson with his wife, Valeria Watson, and son, Wolfie


Wes Watson was born on November 27, 1983, and is 38 years of age. He was born and raised in San Diego, California.

His Tattoos

In a Youtube video, Wes revealed the history behind his tattoos. Wes got his tattoos in prison, and for him, it signifies the respect he earned during his time.

Wes got his first tattoo on the neck when he was 14 years old. Also, he now sports a depiction of Jesus Christ on the right arm, contrasted by the devil on the left.

In addition, the back of his legs has “1904,” which took nearly 6 hours just for the outline. His chest, sides, and armpits were completed after five days.

Wes Watson having many tattoos on his body

Wes Watson showing tattoos

Height and weight

Wes hasn’t revealed his height and weight but judging from his Instagram page, Wes looks to be one juggernaut of a being, donning some of the most shredded bodies around.

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