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Who is Rick Rubin Wife? Net Worth, House, Age

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Rick Rubin Wife, Networth, Age

Rick Rubin is one of the legendary record producers ever to grace the music industry. With his exceptional talent in producing music, he is well-respected by artists and fans alike. Because of his success, people are curious how much he is worth and if he is married to a wife.

Read more here to know who is Rick Rubin’s wife. Also, learn details about his net worth, house, and age.

Age, Birthday

Frederick Jay Rubin, commonly known as Rick Rubin, was born on March 10th, 1963. Furthermore, he is currently 58 years old.

Rick Rubin Net Worth, House.

Rick Rubin started Def Jam Records with a friend named Simmons when he was in his senior year. The record producer then produced a song by Zulu Nation, “DJ Jazzy Jay.” Moreover, Rick began to learn hip-hop after the company’s success.

The record producer then went on his own way and left the company he founded with Simmons. Furthermore, he started his own record company Def American Records, in 1988. There were a lot of metal music bands that were signed under Def American Records like Masters of Reality and Wolfsbane

Moving on, Rick Rubin then changed Def American records to American Recordings. The producer’s career kicked off even more after producing American Recordings by singer Johnny Cash. Because of its success, Rick proceeded to make five more albums for Johnny Cash.

Rick also produced albums for prominent bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, producing six albums. Since then, he continued to help produce songs by famous artists like Eminem and Shakira. Furthermore, the producer became Columbia Records’ co-head. During his time as part of Columbia Records, he produced songs for Linkin Park and Adele.

The legendary record producer, Rick Rubin networth

The legendary record producer, Rick Rubin

Additionally, Rubin purchased a $2 million property in 2011. He then built his minimalistic home on the same property. The place is called Shangri-La and is a beautiful architecture painted with white and a hint of blue. Moreover, he also uses his house as a recording studio where different artists have set foot.

Additionally, there is a documentary made about his amazing minimalist home.

Moreover, he also owns an $8.1 million Mansion, which is 2298 square feet. The mansion is found in Malibu, California, where he lives with his family.

Because of his success and music producing as his source of income, Rick Rubin’s net worth estimate ranges from $300 million to $400 million.

 Rick Rubin Wife and Kids

Rick Rubin does not really share his personal stories, especially about his wife-like partner Mourielle Herrera. However, according to sources, Rick and his wife, Mourielle, have been together since 2010.

Moreover, his spouse, Mourielle Herrera, used to be a model and even an actress. However, Rick’s spouse is now focusing on farming while practicing it in Malibu. Furthermore, Rick and Mourielle said hello to their firstborn last February 2017.

Unfortunately, the couple did not reveal their son’s name to the public. Additionally, Rick was seen at LAX with his family.

Rick Rubin with his beautiful wife, Mourielle Herrera

Rick Rubin with his beautiful wife, Mourielle Herrera

Quick Facts

Full Name Frederick Jay Rubin
Date of Birth March 10, 1963
Profession Record Producer
Age (2022) 58 years old
Spouse Mourielle Hererra
Children One son

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