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YBN Almighty Jay Net Worth, Height, Age, Son, Where from?

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Facts about YBN Almighty Jay Net Worth, Height, Age, Son

YBN Almighty Jay is a rapper and YouTube Vlogger in the United States. Jay is famous for the songs Taking Off and Chopsticks. Aside from that, he usually becomes a trending topic due to his love affair with some celebrities. Where is the rapper from? Know here.

Okay! Let’s be familiar with the rapper via this article as we discuss his net worth, career info, age, height, and son.

Real Names Jay Bradley
Profession Rapper and YouTube Video Blogger
Famous Songs Chopsticks, Taking off, and Bread Winners
Date of Birth August 6, 1999
Place of Birth Galveston, Texas, United States
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 134 pounds
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Wife None
Kids Sir Lucious Scott

Who is YBN Almighty Jay?

YBN Almighty Jay, or Jay Bradley, has been passionate about music since he was little. He got interested in rapping by listening to Soulja Boy, Chris Brown, Chief Keef, and other icons of his era. 

Jay became a part of a group for gamers, YNB (Young Blood N***as), in 2015. The collective began recording a track and had Hood Mentality as their first song. The track allowed them to leave the gaming industry and move to the music scene. Before that, Jay was already uploading his compositions in ЅоundСlоud and his Youtube, Almighty Jay. 

He immediately rose to stardom after releasing his song Chopsticks on his Youtube channel, as it has been streamed on SoundCloud more than 20 million times and reached a total view of 18 million on YouTube as of today. His other famous singles are Surfin, No Hook, Off Instagram, and Let Me Breath. 

Image of a rapper and YouTube Vlogger, YBN Almighty Jay

A rapper and YouTube Vlogger, YBN Almighty Jay

The rapper again created another Youtube account to upload videos of his daily life and other interests and named it Almighty Jay Vlogs

YBN Jay Bradley uploaded another song in his SoundCloud account in January 2018, titled Taking Off. Then in September 2018, the collective YBN had their debut full-length project, YBN: The Mixtape.

The project includes collaborations with different artists, namely, Gucci Mane and Wiz Khalifa. The group’s mixtape was certified Gold by the RIAA in July 2019.

Net Worth

YBN Almighty Jay’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 in early 2022. He accumulated his wealth thanks to his profession as a rapper. He also owns a YouTube channel which indeed increases his overall earnings.

And since the YBN rapper is just getting started, his net worth will likely double as he continues producing good songs.


Jay stands 5’8” or 173 cm in height and weighs 134 lbs or 61 kgs. He has a slim physique with black eyes matching his black hair.

Blac Chyna and her ex-boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay Dailyn

YBN Almighty Jay Dailyn, along with his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna

Age and DOB

The young rapper is still young at age 22, born on August 6, 1999. He celebrates his birthday every August with Leo as his star sign.

Who is YBN Almighty Jay’s Wife/Girlfriend? Any Kids?

YBN Almighty Jay is currently single, though he dated a couple of Hollywood stars in the past. 

His name became the talk-of-town when he began dating Blac Chyna in March 2018. However, the two parted ways just three months after revealing their relationship.

Jay also had a romantic affair with DreamDoll in March 2019, but ultimately, in August 2019, he and his ex-girlfriend ended things because of their unhealthy relationship. 

 YBN Almighty Jay and his ex-girlfriend, DreamDoll

YBN Almighty Jay and his ex-girlfriend, DreamDoll

Many know that Jay is already a father to a baby boy named Sir Lucious Scott to his ex-girlfriend, Dailyn Scott. His former partner, Dailyn, worked as a stylist in one of the rapper’s music videos. He allegedly impregnated her just a couple of months before he dated Blac Chyna.

Despite concealing the truth for several months, Jay takes full responsibility and slowly adopts a father role to his son.

YBN almighty jay girlfriend, Dailyn scott holding their baby, Sir Lucious Scott

YBN almighty jay girlfriend, Dailyn Scott holding their baby, Sir Lucious Scott

Where is YBN Almighty Jay from?

The 22-year-old musician was born and raised in Galveston Bay, Texas. YBN Almighty Jay is of American nationality and African-American descent. 

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