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YG(rapper) Net Worth, Height, Baby Mama/Wife, Kids

YG(rapper) Net Worth, Height, Baby mama/wife, Kids

Rising rapper YG is taking the world by storm with his lyrics and bars. Fans and fellow rappers have mad respect for him. Furthermore, YG is already a father of two despite his intimidating aura.

Moreover, fans are curious about his personal life and how much this rapper earns today with his successful career. Are you curious as well? Read this biography to know more about YG’s net worth, height, baby mama, and kids.

YG Net Worth

YG, born Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson, is a famous Rapper hailing from Compton, California. He entered the rap scene when he was 20 years old.

He dropped his first single, Toot It and Boot It, in 2010. The single featured another famous rapper Ty Dolla Sign. The song pioneered YG’s career as it hit the 67th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Image of a Rising rapper YG

A famous Rising rapper, YG

YG has a net worth estimated to be approximately 5$ Million. He primarily earns his money through his singles and albums. YG also has a Youtube Channel with over 4.4 million subscribers.

Furthermore, his youtube videos all get millions of views. It also seems that the rapper earns through Youtube. Moreover, YG also collaborates with different artists and fellow rappers.

YG Height

YG is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. His height well-compliments his body figure as he spends most of his time at the gym. Moreover, YG’s body measures 44-32-35.

YG Baby Mama and Kid

YG’s baby mama is Catelyn Sparks. Furthermore, Caitlyn was born in Simi Valley, California, on the 20th of March, in 1990. Catelyn Sparks is quite the Instagram star as she has over 148k followers on the platform.

Moreover, according to Catelyn’s bio on Instagram, she is the creator of the clothing brand GRLSNGHTOUT. The clothing brand still has not released any products but is planning to launch soon. Furthermore, as per her Instagram posts, she is most likely sponsored by known brands like Fashion Nova.

Yg Rapper baby mama Catelyn Sparks

Furthermore, according to reports, they started dating way back in 2014. However, Catelyn and YG are not in a stable relationship. They keep breaking up, and they get back together after a while.

They have two children together. Catelyn gave birth to their first child, Harmony (6), on the 24th of May, in 2015.

Moreover, Catelyn and YG introduced their second child, Vibe Jackson (2), on the 8th of July, in 2019. Harmony and Vibe both take after their mom of being social media stars. The kids have their own account on Instagram with about 31.2k followers.

Shortly after Vibe’s birth, the couple broke up. However, they reportedly got back together after YG broke up with the song artist Kehlani.

Catelyn and YG confirmed their relationship by posting a photoshoot they did together. However, it is not clear whether or not the couple is still together.

YG and Catelyn don’t follow each other on social media. Moreover, photos with and of each other are unavailable on their Instagram account.

Is YG now married to his wife or dating a girlfriend?

It’s not confirmed whether or not the rapper is dating anyone as of now. Furthermore, YG is not married to anyone at the moment.

YG has had his fair share of women in his life. He was rumored to be dating Keke Palmer back in 2014 until 2015.

However, the rumors were never denied nor confirmed. Moreover, he also dated singer Kehlani back in 2020 and broke up during the same year.

Yg rapper with his ex-girlfriend, Keke Palmer

Yg rapper with his ex-girlfriend, Keke Palmer

Head Tattoo

YG has different tattoos on his body, but the one that caught people’s attention is his head tattoo. YG has a tattoo that covers most of his head.

The tattoo is of the Virgin Mary. Crosses and flowers surround the image of the Virgin Marry. Moreover, tattoos of clouds also cover his head and the image of Mary.

Yg Rapper Tattoo on head

Yg Rapper Tattoo


YG has a rising career, and indeed this rapper is off to even greater heights. With his witty lyrics and incredible collaboration, YG will definitely become an icon in the rap and music industry.

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