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Home » Yo Gotti Net Worth, Kids, Height. Girlfriend, Ex-wife

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Kids, Height. Girlfriend, Ex-wife

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Kids, Height. Girlfriend, Ex-wife

Veteran Rapper Yo Gotti’s real name Mario Sentell Giden Mims aka Mario Mims defied all the odds of his childhood and became one of the world’s iconic rappers. Because of his success, fans cannot help but be curious how much Yo Gotti is worth.

Are you curious too? Read more here to know about Yo Gotti’s net worth, kids, height, and even his girlfriend and ex-wife.

Yo Gotti Net Worth

His primary source of income is his music and album releases. Mario Sentell Giden Mims has been part of the rap industry for many years, which allowed him to earn as much as $16 million.

Aside from his music and albums, Yo Gotti is also the owner of Collective Music Group. Collective Music Group is a record label that Mario Mims formed as he grew as an artist.

According to reports, Yo Gotti also does real estate where he buys houses, renovates them, and resells for a higher price. Moreover, he earned $7.6 million after he sold his mansion.

Furthermore, Yo Gotti started releasing music and albums during the 2000s, which started his career. He signed with RCA, one of many major music labels in America. After that, Mario Mims released Live From The Kitchen. He managed to climb to the 79th spot on Hot 100. He also ranked 11th on the US Rap charts.

Moreover, his albums sold about 16,000 copies and climbed a spot on the US Billboard 200 ranking 12th. However, Yo Gotti didn’t like how RCA managed him and the album sales, so he decided to switch to Epic Records.

Yo Gotti’s net worth estimate is about $16 million.

How Many Kids Does Yo Gotti Have?

Rapper Yo Gotti is a proud father of a total of six children. Moreover, he has three kids with his ex-wife, Lakeisha Mims. They have a son and two daughters. In addition, Yo Gottie also has three children with his current spouse, Jammie Moses.

Yo Gotti looking happy with his daughters

Yo Gotti looks happy with his daughters

Is De’arra Taylor Yo Gotti Daughter?

De’arra Taylor is suspected to be the daughter of Yo Gotti. However, the rapper did not comment on the rumor. The speculations got even more serious when De’arra tweeted about it on her Twitter account. De’arra Taylor tweeted on her personal account, saying, “Yes, Yo Gotti is my biological dad..”. She tweeted last October 24, 2016, and Twitter users replied to her tweet asking if it was real.

De'arra claiming Yo-Gotti is her father on twitter

Moreover, one Twitter user said De’arra and Gotti look a lot like each other. Another Twitter user pointed out that De’arra and Yo Gotti are from the same city which is Tennessee. While some people likely believe De’arra, there are some people who don’t.

Some Twitter users tweeted that they wanted to see proof, so they asked De’arra to show a birth certificate.

Moreover, De’arra Taylor tweeted again, saying,

“So my dad (Yo Gotti) really just walked passed me in the airport like he ain’t see his own’ daughter.'”

It’s not actually known if the YouTuber was just joking or not.

Dearra Taylor Relation With Yo-Gotti

De’arra Taylor is a content creator on Youtube who rose to fame for her humorous content. Moreover, she shares the Youtube channel with her partner, Ken Walker. Furthermore, Ken Walker is also a youtube content creator. The couple often post pranks and silly challenges that they do together.

Ex-wife Lakeisha Mims

Yo Gotti’s ex-spouse is Lakeisha Mims. According to reports, Gotti and Lakeisha got married on the 17th of May 1989. However, after a few years of being husband and wife, the couple divorced. Unfortunately, reports on their divorce are scarce.

It seems that Lakeisha prefers to stay away from the celebrity spotlight as there is not enough information about where she is now and her personal life.


Yo Gotti is Currently dating his Girlfriend Jammie Moses

According to reports, Yo Gotti’s current partner is Jammie Moses. Jammie Moses is also the mother of three of Gotti’s children.

Moreover, it also seems that Jammie does not like being the center of attention as details about her are unavailable.


How tall is Yo Gotti?

Yo Gotti is 5 foot 7 tall. His height compliments his body of 63 kilograms. Moreover, he has the exact height measurement as his fellow rapper and good friend Blac Youngsta who also stand at 5 foot 7. However, Yo Gotti is shorter by a few inches than another friend of his, Young Jeezy.

Age and Birthday

Yo Gotti’s date of birth is May 27, 1981. Moreover, he is currently 40 years of age. Gotti hails from Tennessee, particularly in Memphis. Furthermore, he was born to a mother of South African descent and a father who is Zimbabwean.

Unfortunately, further information about his parents is unavailable. However, he does have a brother named Anthony.


Having been in the industry for several years, Yo Gotti is indeed one of the greatest rap icons ever to grace the world of Hip-hop. The veteran rapper still shares his talent and music with us, and we are not complaining.

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